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who gives a crap about what they think? (congrats on 300 posts btw. maybe now isn't the best time for that though) you have every right to do whatever you want with your life the moment you're an adult. aren't you only 17 right now, though?
(thanks it is a good time to celebrate) and im 16 but ill be 17 in the summer. and i dont care what they think but they are very uhh controlling
all the more reason you have the right to sever communications with them until they're ready to respect your wishes to live your life the way you want to. they're your parents, not your um dictators.

(though feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt. i'm younger than you are, and don't have a peachy relationship with my parents either)
i know and youre right. i just hate the idea that i'll end up without grandparents for my kids just like my very older siblings, my mom is supposed to be passing recipes down to me now, not reminding me everything wrong with me and controlling everything, like at this point shes going to tell me when i can and cannot breathe
the fact that your older siblings seemed to ardently want to get out of the family is kind of telling. learn your own recipes. if you like her food, see if you can copy it. it's frustrating when your own family isn't on your side. it's fine, though. every family is different. some of them just happen to have parents who've alienated their children by the time they're old enough to move out.

this mostly applies to me but you don't need to pay any mind at all to what your mom expects of you. if she isn't willing to provide the support you need and is actively harming you, then she doesn't need to be close enough to you for her actions to impact your decisions. (for the controlling thing, that doesn't happen as much for me but nevertheless i'm sure it's painful. just try to live independently as soon as you're able)
i agree and it takes everything when we argue to not say "and youre not curious why your own children hate you?" i mean they suck but the common factor here is her. i should probably mention shes my step mom but shes been with my dad since i was 5 and i consider her my mom, i just dont think she feels the same about me.

i feel like me and you are in the same-ish boat btw so any advice you give is probably relevant if it relates to you. and i do plan on moving out as soon as i can
👍. hang in there, bug.
One of the things that was the most difficult for me when I was disowned (super complicated, maybe I'll write up my life story in my bio or something one day) was not having my mum's guidance when it came to things like family recipes, so I definitely understand how difficult that can be. I would say that since you're still at a stage where you're under the same roof, you have a pretty unique opportunity to work on developing the kind of emotional distance Titan mentioned while also absorbing what you want from interactions with your mum.

It's definitely a tough road, but having the forethought that you can actually live your life with or without her will be a big bonus for you.

I honestly wish that for at least one of the times I sat on this forum and complained about my mum that I had thought through what I wanted to take away from my however many interactions I had with her before I moved countries. But, hey! You live and you learn and you pass your knowledge onto the next gen

Edit: nah, I won't put it in my bio. sounds like a lot.
thank you guys and yeah, maybe i will just steal her recipe box when i leave (joke). maybe she'll eventually be better. she needs serious therapy honestly (this is serious)
how common is social anxiety?
i do not know and i am not diagnosed but I'm pretty sure having panic attacks because I'm around people counts right? I'm not going to say I have it, just a thought
Having no grandparents is much better than having harmful grandparents. Beside, it takes two to tango. They'll have your partner's grandparents.

Social anxiety is pretty common. Having panic attacks because you are near people is very much social anxiety. People without anxiety do not have panic attacks.
those are both accurate statements
Having no grandparents is much better than having harmful grandparents. Beside, it takes two to tango. They'll have your partner's grandparents.

I forgot to say this. My daughter has more grandparents than she can shake a stick at. She doesn't even need my parents. They're just the people that send her gifts or money on special occasions.
I had a bunch too.
Aaaaaa. I can't help it. I absolutely have to organise my bookmarked tabs, no matter what.
You see, I remove all names from my bookmarks to fit more. Right now, I have 16 bookmarked, and if I see that even one is not in the right order (rainbow color) then I freak out. I feel like I can't help it.
BUT! I have a bookmark labeled with a rainbow logo! Where do I put it? Aaaaaaaaa! Help.

Edit: To add to this, I have way too many blue bookmarks! I need more maroon and green!
Plus, I have no gray or black!
i am colorblind but good luck
Sorry to hear that. What kind of color blindness do you have?
i was actually quoting my friend who is colorblind. i can ask him though
because I dont talk to anyone and look all scary with my neutral face, especially with mask hiding my face, I express myself with my body language instead of words.

when I'm bored I'm tapping something and leaning against a table or wall and kind of spin, sometimes with my legs crossed. when I'm tired I'll just kind of dump my stuff on the table and be really slow. when I laugh its silent so you can see me laughing, when I'm interested in something I'll kind of tilt my head. when I have headaches or I cant remember something I put my hands on my head, stuff like that. when I get really embarrassed or mad I scratch my fingernails into my fingertips, kind of just dragging them down, and then they turn red. when I get nervous I crack my knuckles and flex my hands

today in pe I was with someone I usually pair up with, we were doing badminton and I had to teach her a couple things, I was laughing a lot at her fails and I had my mask off, so I felt like I was showing myself more.

I want people to know I'm not scary and unapproachable but I also dont know how people would react if I just insert myself into a conversation since I dont do it very regularly. I actually felt so happy when I was able to make someone laugh when I had to be partners with her

this was moved from another thread when I thought I should've posted it here lol
i have this really panicky feeling in my chest and throat that makes me want to run and vomit for some reason. its super annoying because there is literally no reason i should be panicking. its relaly hard to sleep when you want to run from a danger that isnt even real
edit: this is more of a complaint than a rant but oh well
do you feel better today stripes
a little
thats good im glad. make it a lot by tomorrow
take it easy. you'll get through this, stripes :)
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