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Super duper sorry if there's already a thread just like this, but some of us have some childhood cringe we'd like to share.

Here's a cringey story of mine:
Back when I was 9, I went to a Gamecon. I was playing Smash Bros. against some college student, as Kirby. Well, he kept resisting my "mouth" attack, as I called it. And you know what I said to him, at a volume that everyone could hear?
"Come in my mouth!"
hahahahhahahahahahaha i remember you telling me that. hilarious

anyway when i was very young i accidentally said "cop porn" to my dad. i was mixing up the letters of popcorn out loud because he was making popcorn and that phrase kinda just slipped out
my whole childhood should just be here
I was racing my little brother up a slide and said "I'm gonna beat you up" and then people at that park stayed away from me
I considered myself a "brony" many years back. I regularly try to suppress that memory as much as I can (to no avail).
I used to be in (or pretend to be in) a lot of fandoms when I was 7, because I was lonely and desperately wanted to be social for once; I was very bad at talking to people. Retrospectively, so many things come together and I really could have realized I have autism.

On top of that, I used to constantly invent fake personas; for a time, I was a 12-year old named Max, for another I was a 19-year old named Dominik. I hated who I was IRL. I'm just glad it's not like that now.

EDIT: Suppose the "wanting to be someone else" thing led to me realizing I'm non-binary.
i went through the my little pony phase too, its ok you guys
In terms of childhood, I refer to everything from at least a month ago as "part of my childhood" and regard it as ridiculously dumb and stupid. It's better than how I was years ago, though.
i would like to refer to last month as my childhood but i'm not sure if that's accurate
2016-2018 hoylecake is the worst thing the world has ever experienced. I am willing to go back in time to assassinate myself before I could become an obnoxious, loud, edgy object show fan. Um, I suppose it's better than 2019 hoylecake. Yes, I have been on Discord for that long. Half a decade now (5 years, 8 months).
Oh, boy... I just feel worse for what I have done.

I did not just do cringe in my childhood.

I did crimes. Very bad crimes. And that, that is cringe too.
...wait, seriously?
i guarantee you were not as bad as me from 2016 - 2018, I've been on discord since 2016 in like march or something because of deviantart

ninja'd but i guess this applies to acky too, depending on the crimes
No, I'm way worse.
In my younger and more vulnerable years, my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my head ever si
Shhh, this is serious.
But in real life, my father did give me some advice I've been turning over in my head ever since! Fun fact: I learned web development from watching my dad code webpages for hours on end. I think I was unaware he was working for scam companies that ripped off unsuspecting users. He still does, by the way. Only member of our family who has a sustainable profit.
my father does that too minus the whole scamming thing haha very silly of your father
Man, that's sad. I guess it's a living, though.
Honestly I'm just glad I'll be doing something other than that. Making webpages and prototypes for clients sounds rewarding. Problem is, I still don't know much web development in the grand scheme of things, so what better thing to do now than learn C# and Unity's API?!

Oh, sorry, thought the C in the title of this thread meant "create useless ramblings." Anyways, ummmmmmmmmmmm, I still have my old YouTube videos from when I was a kid. Me growing up when digital stuff was just starting to take flight was both a blessing and a curse.
what kind of videos?
Not sure how to describe them.
i used to make speedpaints and roblox rmv's
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