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hi. favorite color thread. dont think its been done before.

indigo is still a good color of the rainbow man!! why dont people like indigo. indigo is good
i forget all the colors
i love tangerine
tangerine is a good color and fruit
orange is a neat color. i like red too. and yellow. green too. and blue and purple. especially indigo.
Did this need its own thread?
Purple is nice.
i do like purple
Most of the colours are awesome. The only one I don't like is black, when used in an edgy context. Used in a professional context, though, it is very nice.

Maybe I just don't like edgy stuff.
Oh, this reminds me. One of my favorites is gray-ish maroon.
Look at my website for one second and come back.
Blocked page.
Aw man.
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Spoiler: it's black and magenta.
Neat-o spageeto.

I hope "spageeto" doesn't mean anything offensive.
For me its orange
I noticed that everybody likes the color orange. Personally, it's my 3rd favorite.
That says a lot, because I have many favorites.
Orange is one of my least favorite colors, next to yellow.
Presented incorrectly, it can be very bright and in-your-face, which hurts the eyes.
a multitude of pinks, baby pink, hot pink, magenta, you name it
W_Licky said:
Did this need its own thread?

Why not? It's a good conversation that is likely to be revisited every now and then.

My favourite colour is pink. It used to be grey (which is funny considering my ex's name) until somewhere around 2017, when I suddenly decided that I didn't actually like pink as much as I had in previous years.

I now pretty much always have pink hair.
Pink hair is a very cool hair colour. For a while, my friend Near had pink hair and that made him pretty cool.
This reminds me of the time long ago (actually last week) where my friend and I were standing outside his dorm, and a Doordash driver came up to us and asked us if either of us was "Ben". We said no. She asked us if we knew "Ben", with pink hair. We said no.

She waited outside (in the cold!) for five minutes before giving up and setting it down; we promised her we would keep watch over it.

So we stood there for two fucking hours while we waited for Ben to arrive. And when he did, we celebrated.

Yes, we are both dumbasses.
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