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inspired by titanlord's. just a way to shout in the void and maybe get a few responses. trying to hide from the rest of the site while still allowing myself to be seen, if that makes sense. i don't expect to be here longer than a month, so let's hope the mods leave it up that long.
i'm going to skip another class today. i feel terrible for doing so, and my parents are going to be so disappointed in me, but i'm just too tired to go. i'm sick and off my meds and i just want to sleep.
i approve of taking a mental health day every once in a while
i've been listening to this musical on repeat, it's called we are the tigers. it's so good and hella relatable. i like to listen to the song 'before the breakdown' because it talks about not being good enough for anyone and breaking down, losing yourself in your insanity and self hatred. i vibe with that. i also like the song 'move on' because it talks about grief and getting past the death of a loved one, which is what i hope the people i care about can do when i'm gone
i approve of taking a mental health day every once in a while

oh but see, it's like every day. i miss classes all the time. it's just too much work and effort to go to every class when i can barely pull myself out of bed every day
people have been posting about me behind my back. i got in a fight with a close friend of mine and he blocked me on everything, posting screenshots of our fight on his story and making posts about how much i disgust him. i don't know what to do anymore. it just makes me want to sleep more.
beck im a huge fan of your work

especially your album mellow gold

loser is my favorite track on there
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