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This thread is for you to text your crush 'good morning' every morning. So do it. Text them. Tell them how good their morning is. Do that every morning for the rest of your life or else they'll never like you back.
@MuckaBluckisnotaDuck You're likely busy right now, but you will not be in the morning, so good morning. I want you to tell me how you are doing; I would love to hear. I hope you are doing well. In fact, I will make sure you are doing well by the time we get to class. I will make your day better, the best I can. Is this okay with you?
It is now 12:03 am and therefore morning. Good morning.
You must never ever confess your feelings to your crush. Not until you are at least 98% sure they will reciprocate those feelings. Never until then.
Do you promise never to wed, but by my free leave?
Wait, you guys have crushes?

Good morning to whoever I end up liking at some point in time
so true
good morning, beautiful
Good morning, beautiful ;) ๐Ÿ˜˜
Morning glow, morning glow
Starts to glimmer when you know
Winds of change are set to blow
And sweep this whole land through
Morning glow is long past due

Morning glow, fill the earth
Come and shine for all your worth
Will be present at the birth
Of old faith looking new
Morning glow is long past due

Oh, morning glow...
I'd like to help you grow
We should've started long ago
So, morning glow
All day long
While we sing tomorrow's song
Never knew we could be so strong
But now it's very clear
Morning glow is almost here
Morning glow, by your light
We can make the new day bright
And the phantoms of the night
Will fade into the past
Morning glow is here at last!
One day more
Another day, another destiny
This never-ending road to Calvary
These men who seem to know my crime
Will surely come a second time
One day more
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