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hello there, I'm Krosis and I would like to tell you about what my life is looking like in 2022. I'm 16 years old and live on the east coast of the United States in a town with less than 50 thousand people. My hobbies and interests include coding, learning Japanese(kinda), General IT stuff I enjoy doing. As of about a week ago I am officially IT Certified through test-out! I work at a Chilis, Lmao, I enjoy what I do mostly because of the people there. Everyone says I do a terrific job like really really good but Idk I feel kinda average.

Right now is the end of the school year so I will proabably work myself to death over the summer to afford a car. Then steady out and only work 4 days a week when schools starts back up.

The biggest thought on my mind is a girl right now, I've liked her for about a month and a half now which never happens for me. I usually stay focused on a girl until she gets a boyfriend or rejects me. But this girl i've been rejected by her about 4 times now and I still can't stop thinking about her, Now she has a boyfriend and I still can't stop thinking about her. I talk to her for a total of about an hour every week not including snapchat. I don't honestly understand my feelings. I shouldn't like her as much as i do but I can't stop myself. She is so pretty but I don't think about her in a sexual way at all, Idk I find it odd; if anyone has any tips pls give me lmao.

But after that comes the existential dread of what the fuck am I going to do after high school. The obvious answer would be to go to college with a scholarship and get better at the computer science field. Take a job settle down and die. But lately I've been getting board of the tech, maybe it is because I am working at chili's and have less time for myself or maybe it is because it is the end of the school year and I'm exhausted from doing it all year. well i know one thing, If this whole thing doesn't work out I'm gonna become a therapist because that sounds like fun.

Right now, at the end of the school year, my whole week is work. I don't mind, I enjoy working, and I enjoy having something to do. I was never a sports kid and I didn't have anything that I liked doing all when I was growing up. My mom tried and tried to get me involved with other kids but I never wanted to lmao. But the end goal now is what? I might be crazy here, but I think if i work just as hard as I'm working now I could become a manager when i graduate. lmao that would give me a reason to stay here in my town and get education while also making a living. If my work schedule would allow me to manage and go to college then I wouldn't have to face the normal hardships of college like eating ramen out of a toilet bowl or something.

Whenever I'm not working or at school I normally stay up later than I should getting high and playing video games. I enjoy smoking marijuana, that is why I do it, but also pain relief oh man does it help after a 12 hour shift. but mostly because I enjoy it. I also vape, it isn't healthy for me but it is really difficult to quit. And frankly thats a lot of work to put in. This causes strain on my mom and I's relationship so I think I'll stop vaping but keep smoking. P.s. high rn

This also puts strain on the relationship with dad, the one that's barley there. This is my fault you see, I decided to move out of his house and into my mothers. Dad acts like an idiot and doesn't see our feelings, Gets angry ( never hits <3), but it is really frustrating to live with him. His wife died and left him with a new born baby, 3 months after her burial another family moved in the house. To be blunt, they make our house unbearable to live in. We have fucking GOATS! lmao my dad is the definition of a simp and it isn't fun to deal with. The wife, her two sons are fine, and fun to be around, but the daughter is so annoying. and dad turns into psycho christian nut that thinks the earth is flat and it just isn't fun to be around specially with the stress of school and work on my back. To be honest I enjoy staying at my moms so even when I forgive dad I think I'm going to stay here for now because it honestly is better.

Anyway, this is my life hope you enjoyed lol. thanks for listening have a good night
Krosis like the mask guy from Skyrim?

Thanks for sharing, good luck out there.
Lmao yeah it was the mask i used all the time and it sounded cool so I made it my username
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