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Hello, and welcome to the amzing, yet simple, thread to display all of the things you do throughout the day! Here you post anything of striking interest, amusement, or general interest beyond the value of, 'ignorable'. Here, you post... The amazing.

And with that, i simplify: post anything you are, or have been doing that is cool, funny, et cetera. Basically, the 'what you're doing' thread, without the boring. I blissfully encourage getting off topic.

What've I done? I juiced a grapefruit with my bare hands today... It didn't taste as good as i'd hoped.
What've I done? Rolled my eyes at another stupid thread in the wrong category.
Thanks, Antagonist, you're blunt opinion is always appreciated.

I wasn't aware of this whole section until about fifteen minutes ago.
Another one. I'm tempted to delete.
/me inserts drivel

Well, Shadow, now that this thread is filled with drivel it seems as if it needs to be deleted...
It was supposed to be that, 'what are you doing?' thread that no one replaced.

If no one starts it up, then feel free to get rid of it. I wont mind at that point.
That thread was useless too.
I know... 'tis why i was trying to make it interesting >_<

Blech, Shadow just delete if it becomes inactive.

Which i forsee in the next hour...
It'll stay. Rain says it'll be created again later if it's deleted now. I agree with her.

Erm, then shall we start?

Like i said, i juiced a grapefruit with my bare hands.

(avoiding things like, 'Ate dinner.LOL.')
Worked, Leafs game.
I also bought a small brace for my knee, so I don't have to wear my stupid big metal one & look lik Forrest Gump.
I baked a cake for my birthday :) It looks a little like pedobear.
I started composing a song, played on the piano.
I would love to hear that^

I fixed a makeshift guitar for someone else's physics project. With pens! :D
Played my guitar for a bunch of people, me on lead! I had so much fun, and I found a new person to play with who is going to help me learn harmonica better! I'm so excited!
So much hate.

Formatting a hard drive.
That thread was useless too.

Would the 'what are you thinking'/'your train of thoughts' threads be useless as well? Thinking is doing something.

Anyway I'm getting flowers from outside.
I always find that one useless, as well; i just participate in the active discussion. Contrary to answering the OP.
I'm dogsitting my sister's dogs, flicking stinkbugs off of me, and my legs still hurt from yesterday which is making it kind of difficult to walk up/down stairs.
Learned the value of friendship. The awesome way.
I'm going to skip Spanish to work on chemistry. Hope the trade off is worth it.
I made cookie dough. Mmm, salmonella poisoning.
If you made it with fresh ingredients, then i'm sure you'll be fine :p
Re-codeing the whole Minecraft server.
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