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I did, but then I left it in the fridge all day and ate the rest when I got home. :)

Today, Hide and Seek on school campus. Fuck yes.
Never said:
Today, Hide and Seek on school campus. Fuck yes.

That sounds Awesome!

Looking for a book I don't remeber the title to.
sat in the bus station. Trying to avoid eye contact with this really creepy looking guy. I wish he'd stop staring. It's freaking me out ):
It went well. :)

Some creeper kept walking up to me and hitting on me, kept asking for my number. I finally gave him one: (352) 857-5309. He strutted away, looking pleased with himself.
What is that number to?
A song. Google it.
(thoughts: Google it? Wait...) you gave him that!?

That just made my day xD i didn't even realize it.
867-5309. Not 857-5309...
The thought that counts ^_^
I told my best friend I was bi. Finally. His reaction was "took your fucking time"
That was a typo. >.< Shiz. Thanks for catching it, though.

Ian and I are both going over to a friends'; I have been Shanghaied.
Cleaned my computer room. I can finally walk in with feeling nauseous due to awful smells :D
I decided that I'm going to start talking to a counselor. Depression is starting to scare me, and I'm starting to worry that I need medicine for it.
Don't go to medicine as your first choice, sometimes good human interaction can do wonders for you. Like a good therapist, or even a good friend.
^ I'm hoping, I seriously don't want to have to go onto medication.
Good luck to you, then.
Medication has been proven to be 30 percent effective when used alone. Counseling has proven to be 30 percent effective when used as a sole treatment for depression. When used in conjunction, successful treatment rates jump to 90 percent.
I got my blood tested at the doctors.
I *also* got my blood tested at the doctor's.
Facebooking, and trying to get a new flippin' phone.
You're telling me^

I have a phone, but no service -___-
My phone got wet. Should get a new one in 2-3 business days.
Hmm, my phone's gotten wet, but still works. But, like i said, can't use it for lack of service. takes pictures :D
I find this interesting enough to post, I guess...
Well after track practice today, I was sitting on a bench outside with this girl I've only known for a few days, and we were talking. She was kinda flirting with me and stuff, but whatever. But then this guy sees us and he asks if we go out. Right before i say no, this girl wraps her arms around me and slides her hand up my leg until it's right on my crotch. So the guys like "o.O, okay then" and leaves, and she just keeps talking and doesn't move. It was... different, hahaha :)
The important thing here: Did she give you some point of contact? Or some sort of indication that she would want to see you again? Other than what you just saod, of course.
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