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Well, this gives me the opportunity to move this thread into General Discussion instead of Sandbox! So I guess that's a good place to start

Pleased about the relocation of this thread!
Pleased, school finished at half past one today and I have no practices today, which means that I have plenty of leftover time to do something fun.
Pleased. Today should be fun.
Also pleased. My first day of the term went completely smoothly.
Pleased, today is going by fast.
Pleased; finally talked to her :)
Pleased; This is from the new Flagging system of Q&A Section

"Flag this question...

Defective user
* The Game
User has mentioned "The Game""

Honestly that's pretty funny that this is a flag option.
Pleased, about to have something to do in about an hour and a half.
I'm pleased by the self-pic thread, now I can see what most of you look like :)
Pleased by the amount of sleep I got today.

Displeased by some of the things I've seen today.
Just generally displeased.
Pleased, today is going to be chill.
Displeased I forgot to get him a card D:
Pleased, I just read a pretty cool article. Loosely translated:

A Norwegian boy on his way home had to pass through a forest. He suddenly saw that a pack of wolves had surrounded him. The boy was of course very frightened and didn't know what to do, except he had been taught not to run if a wolf is likely to attack you. He then pulled up his cell phone and played a song with Megadeath on the highest volume. The wolves fled and the boy got safely home.

That is pretty amazing.
That is quite amazing.

Pleased because I don't necessarily have to put on pants today.
I actually heard about that on the radio. Laughed pretty hard.

*I* didn't miss 11:11 today. I don't wish on it, but I enjoy palindromes.
Still displeased.
Pleased that I'm creating another Whovian.

Displeased about all the fighting going on.
Pleased, the math isn't too hard. Yet.
Slightly displeased. My feet are quite cold.
Pleased: I have found my Father Ted dvds
Pleased. I have this beautiful blue fabric. Now I just need a better teddy pattern than the one I made. :D
Pleased: I got love from one of the most amazing women I know.

Displeased: His post made me want to take a knife in the bathroom and bleed until the pain went away.
Please don't do that, Who. :/
I won't ninj. But I'll send you some stuff about why.
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