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Displeased. My close friend is so upset by something his sister said, and I can't help him. Fucking dammit I feel useless right now. I hate that. I hate it when someone needs me so badly and I'm powerless to help.
Displeased. Whovi, if you need to talk, I'm here too. I'm just glad you're making good decisions, and I hope you know how precious you are.
Charli, I'm starting to feel better. I'm not perfect yet, but I'm getting there.
Pleased, aye, 'n' that be why. ^

Plus, my post was rhyming, AND piratey.
Pirate speech always makes things better.
Oh yes, yes it does. Plus, Daddy's offering me a job when he opens this new cabinet shop. I'll get to see two of my brothers (Justin and Alan) every day, and they're my favorites. :P And, I won't have to work with those two, and it pays better (about 5 dollars an hour more :D) and it's the career I really wanted to go into.

Also pleased because Papa is taking me to lunch, so I can stop thinking for about an hour.
Pleased at the silliness of this show.

Displeased at having to listen to the damn conversation she's having.
Pleased, my day has been really good.
Pleased. My sisters agreed to make Lucy our honorary pet ocelot.
Pleased. This was a successful day. I wish there were more of those in my life.
You all know that pirate is a language option on Facebook, right? Some of you might find that entertaining, i predict.

Displeased; anxious and waiting.
I may not have been overtly productive today, but it was a good day.
^Raz, are you okay?

Pleased by the email I found
Displeased by everything else, more or less. And I have to go to drama today to do the spotting. I don't want to. I don't want to go anywhere.
Pleased. Got to sleep in an extra three hours today before school :D
Pleased. Slept for 8 hours, AND got one of the best messages I've ever read! :D
Yes, Raz, I did know. It's been my language on there for over a year now. If you give me facebook in english, I can't read it.

Pleased that I'm getting out of the house today. Maybe I can convince her to get lunch afterwards. Maybe another taco burger.

Displeased that you think you're right. Well let's just watch how this one pans itself out. Especially since you're more apt to let people walk all over the two of you.
Pleased, my kitty is purring.
So very pleased. The Fantasy Draft is starting right now! :)
Quite happy. I'm working on Ninj's scarf and watching some more X games.
Displeased. I think it's happening again tonight.... Ungh. It feels as though my intestines are playing twister with my other internal organs. My tummy is losing.
Raining: I'm sorry. I wish I could do something to help.

Pleased: I get to talk to them both all day. Again.

Displeased: I have to go do dishes.
Displeased - I haven't talked to my momma in weeks, and I'm worried about her a lot. I have no way to call her, my phone isn't working.
Pleased: Last night was nice.
Displeased: My knee and elbow are hurting like crazy after I fell a numerous of times last night.
Displeased: Today is turning into a shitty evening.
Displeased. Hangover. -.-
Displeased. I want to party now.
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