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Oasis, I'll party with you! I love to party.

Pleased: I'm home...finally.

Displeased: Tired, but can't sleep due to college applications that have to get done and sent out today or my mum will kill me.
Awesome! I'm getting some money today, I'll buy the liquor and rent a motel, all peeps from 2Cans are welcome!
Pleased. Neil Gaiman's 'Endless Nights" FINALLY got here. :3
Hell yes! We shall an amazing time!
Pleased previously.

Displeased currently.
Displeased that I have to go to this stupid dance just because my best friend's friend didn't have a date. "I don't have a date :(. Oh wait! I'll take the gay guy!"
Well clearly you have nothing better to do. And since you're gay that must mean that you want to hang out with your female friends at every opportunity.
Char, what's wrong?
Pleased that Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 3 came in the mail today :) Displeased part 4 doesn't come out till April :(
Pleased: Fritz's avatar is really cool.

Displeased: I have to share my bed with my little brother because his bed isn't squishy enough.
Pleased, my kitty is cute.
Pleased: I'm bonding with my cousin.
Pleased: I hooked up my Gamecube.
Pleased, rowing camp is over

Displeased, school starts tomorrow and I have to wait two weeks for my wonderfully therapeutic double period of Drama.
Displeased in general.
Very pleased.
Pleased and displeased.
Pleased, I've had a pretty good day and now I'm listening to good music.
Pleased, I have the day off from school this Tuesday :D
Pleased at the day I've had.

Displeased by that annoying child.
Very displeased, might lose all of the files on my computer.
Hobb, I'm sorry, that definately sucks.
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