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I missed this one, and I guess if it doesn't belong in the Sandbox, it belongs here most of all.

I'm sorry to all of the people effected by the fire in Glyndon today. :/
I'm sorry that when I say "I don't know" I legitimately don't and I'm very sorry that you yelling at me doesn't change that.
I'm sorry that there's nothing I can do. I know it kills both of us for me to say that, but it's true.
I'm sorry that I know people who have thrown cats in microwaves.
I'm also sorry that they aren't dead. -.-
That's horrible!
On behalf of my entire race I want to offer my deepest apologies on slavery and discrimination. That shit just aint OK.
I'm deeply sorry for opening my mouth this Saturday.
I'm so sorry for not helping you back then.
1. Because it did nothing in order to get my friend to feel better, which was what I was trying to do.
2. Because I said things that I shouldn't have, which will make certain things in the future very awkward.
Oh, I see... That sounds aweful...
MikeRich said:
On behalf of my entire race I want to offer my deepest apologies on slavery and discrimination. That shit just aint OK.


And I, as a (mostly) white female, refuse to apologize as part of that race, as I was not alive at the time and therefore not responsible--even ignoring the fact that no one race is more likely to discriminate than another. On top of this, as it was African chieftains selling the people into slaver, I see even less reason to apologize.

I am sorry, however, as a human, that this happened. It's horrible and wrong and never should have happened to anyone.
Agreed. Not to mention, it's people like you, Michael, with the overly apologetic attitude, that make it "okay" for reverse discrimination these days.

Dear African/Native Americans-
For those of you who still think that the entire populace of the United States owes you something, I'm sorry that my ancestors (and yours) were assholes. However, I don't owe you a fucking thing, so get off your high horse and get a job, because you are no more deserving of our nation's tax dollars than anyone else. Thank you, and have a nice day.

I apologize to chickens. I just ate one.

And it sucked.
You are right to apologize. My sweet chickens are mourning the death of a fellow right now.
What's the cause? :(
Fox. :/
You should have employed a defense system.
I actually managed to yell that at someone who was stealing something. xD Because it drew attention to them, they DID drop it and run.
Did they snap and say "awwww maaan"?
I wish.
The amusement factor would have at least tripled.
Oh, at least.

I'm sorry I can't always be there for you, though I wish I could.
I guess that I'm sorry that I waste your time.
I'm sorry that your eyes glaze over with boredom when we're together.
I'm sorry that I'm not interesting enough for your attention.
I'm sorry that I'm not tall, thin, blonde, or gorgeous.
I'm sorry that I won't live up to her.
I'm sorry that you feel this way.
I'm sorry that I love you.
I'm sorry my tongue slips when I kiss you.
I'm sorry for being awesome/
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