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I liked this thread a lot, so I thought that I'd might reintroduce it.

I miss the sunshine.
I miss this thread.
I miss having only 245 Pokemon. :(
I miss working mornings. And I missed this thread. Briefly.
I miss the old days before everyone went bat shit crazy.
I kind of miss having a phone. I haven't talked to my momma or daddy in over a week.
I miss having feelings for someone.
Whovian said:
I miss the old days before everyone went bat shit crazy.

Fuckin' yes.
I miss Firefly 😥
I miss having only 181 pokemon
I miss only having 151 Pokemon
I miss the original Pokemon show. Before they decided to rape it all over the place.
I miss bubbles. Really, I'll have to get hold of some.
I miss forum stats. 😥

I liked looking at what my stats were and how they compared.
Me too. ^
I miss my English friend.
I miss dogs.
I miss new episodes of Doctor Who.
I'm English, be my friend xD

I miss the time before I knew what a relationship was.
I miss those little wax bottles with the juice in them. I haven't seen them in forever.
I loved those bottles!
I miss last summer.
Those little wax bottles are know as Nickel Nips, and they are amazing.
I miss the user I used to message :\
Shannen, I do love everything English. I think we shall have to be friends.