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This needed to be revived.

I want ice cream and brownies.
I want more time.
I want more fruit gushers. [:
I want my feet to be warm
I want my one and only.
I want the same opportunities as my new fellow countrymen.
I want him to be there when I go crawl into bed.
Agreed. ^

I want today to not have happened. I want to go back to believing I could trust my best friends. I want it to be this weekend already. >.<
I want to know what to do tomorrow... :\
I want an ornithopter.
I want twocans to not email me everytime I get a message. I love this site, but website clogging my inbox in one of my biggest pet peeves.
You can stop it from doing by changing your account settings.
Just found that.
Nice. ;)
Oi, Charli, what's going on?

I want to meet up with Charli and Ninj and go on a double date so we can nerdgasm about everything and be sickeningly cute.
That would be fun, Who. :)
That it would, that it would.
I want pop tarts.

I want to hear him laugh when he reads that. :P
I want coke. I, however, am having a lazy day and the sodas are all the way in the other room.
I want to have salmon for dinner. Too bad that isn't going to happen.
I want to be with Io on my birthday. :(
Happy Birthday for then Kexja, I won't be online to tell you on the day :\
What day is it again, Kex?
The 14th of May. Friday.

I want that too :/
I did laugh :D You would've heard it if i didn't brutally murder your phone's minutes.
I want this feeling to die already so that I never have to feel it again.