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Those minutes TOTALLY had it coming to them.

Uggghhhhh. I *don't* want to wear people clothes to school. But jammies...blech. Stupid people clothes.
Whovi, that would kick ass. Besides, I have a feeling you need a group hug. :P

I want to actually fall asleep with him, not just his voice. Gah, this blows.
I want that, too, Charli. We just have to wait a little longer.
I want the waiting to be over.
I want to not have to go to work today.
Never, you have to... you'll freeze to death >_<
Charli, I do think a group hug would be nice. Although it might make me start crying. Hugs tend to do that when I'm upset.

I want to know who I can actually trust.
I'll cry too. I've done that lots lately.

  • jumps up and down- you can trust me! And Ninj. :P but, I should warn you, we tend to talk to each other about some stuff.
I know sweets, but usually I tell you both what's going on. I would've gone to you quicker last night, but Ninj was online.
Raz, I did. Only 'cause the laws of society demand it.

I want to just hold him and cry for a little while.
I want for more than one person to have understood my question :(
I want him to be here when I wake up.
I'm on my phone, babe. ;) If you message me, it sends me an email, so my phone goes off and I check my messages. Hehe.

I want it to be Sunday. I miss my girlfriend.
I want to go back to sleep.
I want everyone to like this page and watch these peoples videos. These are the people I used to go to school with. Watch the stupidity. WATCH IT. Watch it!!/pages/Thats-so-break/109574662441337?v=wall
I would Kexja, but I don't like pages on there.

I want those damn pop-tart earrings.
Unlike it after you watch it. I am not trying to get them fans, I just want peope to know what I had to deal with.
I want someone to help me write a (at least) 2 page autobiography. Or at least help me out with how I should go about writing it :/
Do it as an obituary!
Sleeeeeeep. So much sleep.
I want a TARDIS. The Ninth Doctor, too, would be nice, but...I'd rather just have the TARDIS for now.
I want her boyfriend to unfuck their TARDIS so she can come visit me and bring some snow too!
That is very stupid, Kexja. Wow.
I want to say yes, I really do...I want that a lot.
I want these applications to do themselves.