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It's not really late or anything, but I took a vicodin awhile ago. I told my grandmother that my head hurt, and she popped open her pill cabinet and said "welp, I'll see what I can give you". She didn't understand why my dad and I were laughing.

She pulled out a vicodin, and I remember telling her that I didn't want to take a nap... Vicodin makes my nose itch.

My dad keeps laughing at me.
She gave you vicodin cause your head was hurting? 0.0
Yeah. It was a pretty bad headache, though.
Aah, sorry. :/ The only time I've ever had to take something stronger than tylenol for a headache was when I had a terrible migraine and nothing would make it stop.
It's 3:07 and I miss Frankie Muniz.
Oh, what the fuck? I remember when Raining made this thread on the old forum. Can someone please bring it back to it's former glory and remove it from this category? Sandbox seems to be a much more fitting place for a thread that was honestly one of my favorites. It /had/ been a place where people posted the odd thoughts they had when they were mostly asleep now it's been reduced to a status update? Something is seriously wrong here.
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
It is 1 a.m. here, I'm listening to an old episode of Wreckless Media Radio again, and I think I have figured out that the weird questions get the most amusing answers. Take this for example, I quoted something the host of WMR said:

Have you ever melted down a fetus, put a funnel in your dick hole, and poured it in?
  • Yes. Of course I have. Everyone does it, obviously.
  • That's disturbing. Damn, now I want a penis so I can pour stuff in it!
  • Yes
  • No. But now I have something for my bucket list.
  • yeah you helped me, remember?
  • that only happened once
  • Have you?
  • uh... i don't have a penis.
  • Why should anyone try that?! *disturbed*
  • No.
  • nope i hopefully never will
  • Good luck with that!
  • NO.
  • My stomach just jumped a little after reading that.
  • Έχετε προβλήματα
  • D8 Successful troll is successful. Congratulations?
  • I came just thinking about it
  • No, but I put it in my boyfriends dick hole
  • Of course! Who hasn't??
  • you should check in to the nearest psych ward
  • No. But now I want to, dammit!
  • No. ~Wildface
  • no
  • No, never.
  • She lies and says she's in love with him.
  • Give me your name or make something up, I most FUCKING QUOTE THAT SHIT

That question is insane, and I would think most people would disapprove of me posting it. However, here is what I would think is a decent question, if maybe asked too many times:

What would you want your last meal to be before you died?
  • Poison!
  • Reaskers gonna reask.
  • Uh, I would have: Dominoes Mr Wedge on puff pastry and Dominoes wedges with a WHOLE LOT of sour cream. - McDonalds Big Mac Hunger Buster. - Chicken kebab. Then I would just eat as much of each of them as I could.
  • (Help me...)
  • fillet mignon and corn on the cob

Only 2 actual answers, out for just as long as the weird one. I have more examples, but I think this post is long enough.
Can someone please bring it back to it's former glory and remove it from this category?

*Sigh* Well, at least I tried...
trying is for chumps.

so anyway, there I was, taking a nice sleep for the first time in a long time. I wake up at 2 to got to the bathroom. and then it hits me. I still had an assignment to do for tomorrow! so I set down at the computer and typed away. oh how I typed away. and 30 minutes later I was done. so let that be a lesson to you kids. go to the bathroom at the middle of the night so you don't forget important stuff. or you could just live at the bathroom for infinite memory. problem, elephants?
Crap. I should really be heading to bed. I stayed up all night last Sunday and work sucked the next morning, but I have a good feeling that if I head to bed now, my mind is going to be too awake for me to sleep, and I will just be laying there for an hour or 2 going slightly insane... Guess I'll stay up until 2 or 3 watching Doctor Who and cleaning up so hopefully I will be able to fall asleep later...
I should be paying attention in class right now...
I would probably be in bed right now if I wasn't for the fact that I've had an irrational fear of my own bedroom for about 4 days.
Isaac said:
I should be paying attention in class right now...

No, you should be messaging me. :P
Been much too long.
I should be asleep but I have to do a project where I create a "dream" university. And I have calculus homework. (Taking a break right now.) I had a three day weekend to do it, but no...

Edit: This was about 2:00 AM
It's 5:43 and I went to bed around midnight, sleeping fitfully. Why am I even awake right now?
It's three-oh-three. Four more chapters of The Grapes of Wrath to go. Only four. Then I can "wake up" and get some food. This whole spring break has been a disaster. I wish we'd come home sooner. Or that I'd taken my schoolwork with me. Or, you know, that it hadn't been a disaster >.<
I should probably go to sleep, but, since I'm sick, I'm staring at a computer screen dressed in my warm, comfortable hobo clothes.
I slept great... in the FCAT room.

My bed, however, wasn't so friendly. My ceiling looks lovely at night, so i'v realised.
Three hours does not constitute sleep--it's a tease.

I actually WISH I was tired... All i can do is lay here and count ceiling tiles. >_<

I don't have ceiling tiles :/
It's 12:40 already? I've only just now finished that spanish project... now math, and lit... wait, I already finished lit. :D Yaaay~ So, math, and art, and ap... shitaki mushrooms. I'm already 10 pages behind!..... ugh, so math, ap, and chemistry. Pulling an all nighter is not an option... but neither is cheating. Ah, eff this, I'll just print out the answers to math, write it out tomorrow during art, then do my art stuff, then do my ap and chem at lunch, which means skipping lunch. That means I have to pack lunch, and gum. I wonder how long I've been typing randomness. Well, it's 12:17, so 3 minutes.
I can't sleep. I've lying here staring at the ceiling for nigh on three hours. I give up. I'll sleep tomorrow.
But Raining...sleep is for the weak!!
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