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Yeah, sure man.
i'm always the last one online, it seems like. this is the opposite of mutually exclusive to my homework. i have no idea how to use the term "mutually exclusive."
i have no idea how to use the term "mutually exclusive."

Officially, it means that two things cannot happen at the same time. A coin flip can't equal heads and tails if you're only flipping one, for example.

Also, hoi, I up.
i'll try to figure it out when it's not 130 in the morning

homework. it's always homework. just once can't i stay up late of my own volition?
would it be a mistake to pull my second all nighter within a week of the first?
It is usually detrimental to a normal sleep cycle, if that's what you're asking.
It is usually detrimental to a normal sleep cycle, if that's what you're asking.

damn. and i was really hoping i could get something out of finishing my homework for a change. even if a passing moment of satisfaction but i don't even feel that. i put all my time and energy into homework and school and nothing comes out of it for me. que un disastre eso es para mi.
psa i'm doing homework right now which is why my mental state is 100% saturated with homework
my timezone is est

if anyone sees me online after 2 am tcas time please tell me to go the fuck to sleep
It's EDT.
[the word "sigh"] i should really go to sleep

i'm becoming more and more painfully aware of the fact that i say stuff i don't mean or are extremely out there when it gets late in the night

i also adopt an increasingly fatalistic/nihilistic attitude as the night progresses which is all the more reason staying up late is a dumbdumb strategy

edit: that is, a strategy for dumbdumbs
All-nighter, ahoyyyy!!!

wish me luck it was for the sake of my grandma
good luck
this is the only sleep related thread in status updates so i'll go ahead and post it here but basically summer vacation has seen me sleeping 12-12 pretty much every day

there's no pressure to wake up so despite setting alarms for say, 9 am, i turn them off and sleep through them.

also the act of "trying to fall asleep" is sort of novel to me

i'm exhausted 7 days a week when i have school and have no trouble falling asleep but this

this is new

i'm only tired when i stay up late anymore, which i'm actively trying not to do if possible.
Two coffees and two monsters later I made it through fathers day lunch and work in one go, and only nodded a little at work. I go pass out now.
1:06 am

I’m feeling fine.

Edit: 1:33 am

Edit: 1:53 am

Edit: 2:03 am
dont do dis 2 urself

no im not a hypocrite
i sleep way too late for my own good
bruh its before midnight for you right now
Yep 11:21 PM MST
you can go to sleep right now and save the day
But I nearly went to 23.99 hours in a semi consious state
youre making typographical errors but ok

have you never stayed up that long before?

ive been hard sleeping in ever since summer vacation
Yeah I have stayed up all night before

Also same here on sleep
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