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The longest I ever stayed up was three days in a row or close to it. I don't think it was a whole 72 hours. Fuckin sucked, I don't recommend.
How 'bout I do anyways
it's 12:06 am i was supposed to go to bed before midnight

you know what that means?

i forgive myself for it and go to bed because that's the healthy thing to do 😊
I'm at Camp and it is too fucking hot to sleep in this tent right now.
I just got back from the theater in St. George
i'm tired again, and i haven't slept fantastically the past few days

it is bedtime for me. good night!
edit: time, 12:21 am edt
mom says i need to go to sleep before 12 am but now it's almost 1

i still have this headache and it's super painful

i feel bad but oh well
Ah, yes, 11:30. The most opportune time to check TC&S.

Edit: 1:30 is apparently a good time to stop. Goodnight.
i have a headache

and my world is collapsing around me

and my life is spiraling out of control

and that makes me a bit sad :,(
my worst reason for staying up too late is out of guilt because i didn't fulfill one of my obligations
I thought I was going to sleep four hours ago, what the dang kind of time is this to be awake??
im gonna try turning in before midnight at least a few nights out of the week

let's say 2/7 days and we'll go from there

if i can remember it i'll try posting whether or not i accomplished this every night

as a personal challenge
1:44 am

And I’m not tired.
ive been pretty good about going to bed before 1 am the past 2 days. hope i can keep it up.
The last 2 days I've stayed up till 3am, at least. Not even doing anything, I just can't sleep.
same lmao
So I stayed all the way to 6:00 am which means today I got 3 hours. Now the effects are here.

Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m gonna nap now.
dont freaking do that omg XD
Slept more than enough the next night.
don't read r/nosleep after 11 pm

just trust me on this one
Yeah, that seems like some fair advice.
its 2am and i might do that thing where i stay up until 5am and then sleep all day even though i should attempting to sleep normally because of the roller skating i have to do saturday and the swimming i have to do sunday
dude i wish i could go swimming / skating

the freaking places are all closed and or my mom deems it too dangerous to go

also huh?! someone with a sleep schedule more fucked up than that of my own? i wasn't aware that existed.

and i also can't wake up before 12 unless i'm woken up or set an alarm

edit: sorry if i'm being cringy again. i need sleep.

my excuse is my room is too hot to sleep
i wake up multiple times throughout the day and sometimes night and just force myself to go back to sleep unless i want a headache (hint: i don't)

edit: titanlord237 if i could take you roller skating i would

edit 2: im gonna start a small fire then try to make myself sleep wish me luck
I've been drawing trains since 10. It's 3. I got a lot of work done, but at what cost?
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