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Fall break was a four day weekend that included Columbus Day. So it passed. Looking forward to Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And MLK day. And Mardi Gras. And Easter Break.

Yes I did just list the breaks for the rest of school.
Kylljoy said:
You go to a school with a quarter system? Wild.

Yup, we have block scheduling. 4 blocks a day, but finals are every semester. I honestly like it more than the other setups of school.
midterms every quarter
finals every semester

four block schedule

four classes first semester

they change next semester
haha hanging out with and talking to you guys is like one of my most favorite things to do

y'all are great

anyways the bad news is it's almost 1 am

the good news is my homework for the week is done :o !!!!

i have all of tomorrow to myself for some much needed downtime!

so looking forward to it
so um

when do i go to sleep
uh, preferably now because the earliest any place could be is early Sunday night
i didn't get that much sleep last nightand now i am tiredand nowi wantto go to sleep
at any given point my exhaustion is inversely proportional to my mental state
Tater tots take too long in the oven for a midnight snack and an air fryer is too loud (also I don't have one).

i have to get up at 9 AM tomorrow for THEATRE


so yeah it would not be inaccurate to claim i am supposed to be asleep at this moment!
1:57 am

i wake up at 6 tomorrow for school

im tired as hell

i have 30 pages of history notes yet to be attended to, due by the 10th

i'm 70% done with math homework

1143 edit:

im done. i can finally go to sleep!
Wrong thread...
man i hate getting 3 hours of sleep but it looks like i'm gonna have to
man, its already almost 1 am. thinking about the joker beatboxing. also ways to put my thoughts into words and, like, visuals
verbalase is actually way way cooler than i had given him credit for
it's getting late but homework
11:45 pm. My eyes are tired from over exerting myself when working more than I hoped on a group project. That's the problem when you're an overachiever; people around you call you too hardworking for your own good.
im not perfect, but i deserve to be happy

2:44 am
5:12 am goodnight guys 👍 (someone save me from myself)
Ahhh that was nice goodmorning
honestly if i knew i was gonna have a panic attack at 1 in the morning on a school night i wouldve done some stuff so much differently rolls eyes 🙄
For future reference, does it count when I go to sleep at a good time, but I wake up at 3am randomly?
For example, setting your alarm on purpose very early just so you can post here.
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