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Ok, Who has an injury or illness whilst on this site? I currently have a headcold that won't go away.
I got a paper cut tonight. Does that count?
I hit my head open the other day and I've still got a headache from it.

Also my hand still has a lump that hurts from when I punched a wall over a (Gregorian) month ago.
I liked climbing trees when I was young. Golden rule seemed to be "upright towards the top, upside down towards the floor." So I hit my head more than I can remember, and that's probably related to that. But I'm fine now, longest time without cracking my head open is three years and counting :}
A friend of mine cracked or chipped or fractured their hand yesterday at the Ploughing Championships. I am currently suffering from smushed toes as I couldn't find my runners today and just stuffed on an old pair that were too small.
I got some glass in me from a piece of glass that got too heated and broke over me a while ago. I also have a small burn on my hand from said glass.
I'm really accident-prone. I inflict a lot of accidental injuries on myself (though usually minor). Today alone I managed to push a door that bounced off the doorstop and slammed into my torso, making a bruise, and knock a glass cake pan out of the dish rack and onto my foot, also making a bruise. My elbows bear the brunt of most of my injuries. I think all of this happens from an extreme level of clumsiness on my part, and a complete lack of ability to make accurate spacial judgments.
I fell off a chair again today, though only my dignity was hurt. Even that pain lessens, I fall off something like everyday.
The worse that's happened to me since I've joined this site is I picked up a knife the wrong way as I was going to wash it. Small nick on the inside of my hand.
I have a skinned knee.
Actually, I lost my virginity last night,outside, in the middle of a rainstorm, and its not an std. i just have a cold from being naked in the cold rain too long.
I have a relly bad cold that I can't seem to shake. I've had it for 3 days now, and it is starting to tick me off. I can normally get over colds in 1 day, tops.
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My arm is hypertensive and puffed up like a giant sausage. From pole.
Bruised arms and ligament tears in my knee from playing flag football the other day. But we won 34-12. :)
My throat feels sore, I think I may be getting sick. My back is also in pain
Mm. I burnt my left hand. I accidentally poured boiling water on it when I was making tea.
I have insane blisters on my hands and a gnarly back from kango hammering concrete for two days straight.
I'm so lucky I don't feel pain. That's one of my many abnormalities. And I don't get bruises either, which is pretty convenient seeing how much I'd have if I did. I'd be so Black 'N' Blue that researchers would invent a whole new species to define me. Probably something plutian XD
^ Do you have congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis?
A couple years ago I fell while drunk. I dislocated my knee, tore all but 1/3 of the legiments in my leg, and severed the nerve that runs down my leg and controls my foot. I had to have surgery and have screws and cadavers in my leg. I was on crutches for 4 months and had to wear a knee brace for 6 to 8 months. Due to the nerve being severed I can no longer lift up my foot and toes, I can only push them down, and therefore I have to wear a foot brace for the rest of my life. Lame.
I cracked a rib playing soccer this summer, but I'm fine now! Except for some nasty cuts and scabs that I get every day from the dead grass and hard dirt
I had to have surgery and have screws and cadavers in my leg.

Cadavers? o_o
In her leg...
Fwip said:
I had to have surgery and have screws and cadavers in my leg.

Cadavers? o_o

Parts from dead people.. lol.

Also, I am a girl.