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This topic comes up far too often in Your Train of Thoughts, so here you can discuss the current weather, weather you like or whether the weather is something you wish to discuss at all.

It's raining, and has been on-off raining all day...

It's 14 degrees. Yay for shorts wearing temperatures!
Sunny. 25 degrees. Nice breeze. I'm considering getting changed from jeans to shorts.
It's been raining all week, and it's starting to get cold. And the leaves are dying. Stupid Fall.
I love spring. Though not the rain.
For some reason today it was in the 50's F region, when normally it should be around 75 ish this time of the year.
Weather thread? Now we're talking!
It was a nice day here. It was about 65 in the afternoon and cooled to about 50 tonight. I love being able to walk outside in shorts and a hoodie and not be too hot or too cold. Fall is awesome.
I prefer Fall, thanks.
Hunterr: Both are correct, there's no need for you to do that other than for being difficult.
Hahaha. I know. It just bothers me.
I changed it.
It is cold today. Cycled into work in a beanie, gloves, two jackets and a scarf, still cold. But very sunny.
8 degrees centigrade. It was pouring down about 5 minutes ago, so I got soaked walking home. Now there's beautiful sunshine. I really wish the weather would make it's mind up.
It's 7 in the morning and been raining all night and is still drizzling today. It's pretty dark out, so I'm happy. Can't stand sunshine in the morning.

EDIT: Except for the one above me ^3^
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Can't stand sunshine in the morning.

EDIT: Except for the one above me ^3^

N'awwh! So lovely ^^
It's lovely, sunny and mild, that nice Autumn-time when you can cuddle up in a jumper but then not freeze. It hasn't even started raining yet, and I love it when all my soft friends shiver and complain and I just sit in one jumper and smile.

Just want to point out how typically English this is, it's my favourite stereotype of us :)
It's been raining here for awhile, I hate driving the rain.
FINALLy! A sunny day for me! I'll say while it may be cold in the shade I may be able to get a tan today!
Sunshine in the morning?

Well, to roll over to such a beautiful woman, hair catching the early morning light to softly glow like embers, a sleepy, sweet smile... I think I could handle that. :)

I agree, though. Only kind of Sunshine I like.

I don't like it when it's too rainy and cold, though. I like it to be overcast, cold and dry or overcast, in the sixties and rainy.
I like the rain. I don't tend to like the cold. They kind of go hand in hand, though.
It was torrential today! :D
It is currently 45 degrees outside, it was 25 this morning :) and I'm not even considering wearing shorts..
Yesterday was torrential. Like, seriously torrential. Today it's sunny.
It's a rainy, dreary day here. Humid too.
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