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Not late fall/early winter.
Not really. when it rains it rains heavily and storms pretty badly. but for the most part its sunny... all the time.
Looking out my window, it's blue skies and fluffy clouds. It looks like a perfect day, except for the fact it's crappy cold, as in 55 F. Typical Washington.
i used to live there, didn't like it, considering it is exactly opposite from where i am now. what part of Washington do you live in???
Today I had some bipolar weather. Earlier it was actually fairly nice outside, despite being a little chilly. Then I went to walk my dogs around 9 o'clock and poof! Here comes the freezing cold and the random rainstorm that lasted all of two minutes.
It's overcast but I can see the sun. It's gonna be another freezing cold day though.
^ yes it is :)
what part of Washington do you live in???

Northwest. I'm about 5 minutes away from the Canadian border.
It's 12C/53F. So cold. :(
^ it is 14C here...hate the cold
It's rainy and cold here. We had our first frost this morning. Here is southern Indiana, by the way.
What county do you live in?
The USA.
County, not country, dear.
Sorry, I can't read sometimes. Especially when my giant dog is sitting on me. Harrison County, Indiana.
It's around 67 degrees, and raining.
That's nowhere near where I used to live :/
Raining. My facepaint is all splotchy now. Speaking of which, I need to post a pic of my Aayla cosplay.
Overcast, but warm-ish. The sun's starting to appear.
Torrential and bonechillingly cold. Rumours of snow. Whoo biking.
Really quite warm outside. 30 or so.
This is just one reason why the Wisconsin climate rocks. It was a fabulous day today.
I am really quite jealous right now.
Aww, your autumn is so pretty. Not fair.
I'd love to have some more Wisconsin TwoCanners. Come join me. And pack a sweater.
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