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Possibly my favorite thread from the original twocans

Delighted :D

I'll assume that means "Chill"
Rather amused, I am.
Tired and slightly irritated.
Happy! I like the new site :D
Much better.
A little lonely and confused about music stuff.
Tired and lonely.
I'm slightly worried too.
Cautious. Cautious and paranoid and suspicious with a hint of simmering rage.
Sounds like a recipe for violence.
Delicious violence though. Especially if you add chocolate or spices.
I could go for some crunchy violence right now. Homemade, none of the store-bought stuff.
Just crunchy? Or would you prefer extra crunchy? We can always add more nuts.
Yes, please!
Okay, what kind of nuts.
How about massacre nuts? With some genocide?
What if I have an allergy to nuts?
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