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There's hotlines you can call. I'm sorry you're having a rough time, buddy.
you could call a friend, someone you trust. if you don't have anybody then the suicide hotline is open 24/7.
its 800-273-8255
yeah, samsung. theres people that care about you too, so don't be afraid to reach out.

God dammit stop.
i think bronco had the right idea. laughter's the best medicine
Suicide isn't a laughing matter.
Bronco, this is a serious situation and here you are cracking more jokes.
im sure he wasnt doing it maliciously

and he wasnt joking about suicide, rather trying to lighten the mood or try to make samsung feel better with humor and i think thats respectable
I think it was in horrible taste and helps nobody. Do you think Sam would like it?
It didn't sound funny to me.

There are much better jokes that don't direct Samsung's call for help. Help him. You can be funny at times but when it's serious, there is no reason to crack jokes at the worst times possible.
Lay off bronco, he's okay.
I think Bronco is fine. Levity can help.
Just be more careful, Bronco.

Hey Samsung, how you feel and have been feeling is important. It may take later than sooner and it could feel like that for a long time but it can be overcome, there are ways that you can get help.

Crisis Textline (US)
HOME to 741741

Crisis Textline (Canada)
CONNECT to 686868

Depression Hotline

Boys Town Hotline
Text VOICE to 20121

Teen Line
CALL 800-852-8336 Nationwide (6 PM - 10 PM PST)
TEXT TEEN to 839863 (6 PM - 9 PM PST)
Not gonna call or text anyone, it'll trigger my parents thing and make them worry
Well, should they be worried?
with respect, samsung, in this situation, you need to do what's right for yourself, not your parents. do the things you need to do to feel better. make the changes you need to make to make you feel a little less shitty. you're having a hard time, so try putting yourself first before others right now. get the help that you need.
I want to .cry

(That's a Crayon joke)
I just made myself sad. Why did I do that? I overthink too much.
I have a real problem making myself sad by overthinking things that should actually make me unsad.
I just made myself sad. Why did I do that? I overthink too much.

its hard to put into words how much pain im in right now so ill just put a 😭 emoji and leave it at that
i dont feel like myself right now

hopefully this feeling goes away soon
I'm putting myself in too much of what I do and I inevitably set myself up for misery.
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