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I spent half an hour fiddling with Discord settings, system sound settings, microphone connections, channel switching...

Then I turned it off and on again, and lo, it worked.

I descaled my water heater. I used vinegar.
gws said:
I descaled my water heater. I used vinegar.

I do the same for my coffee brewer.
Yesterday I bought a bottle of brand-name descaling solution (contents: citric acid). This morning I compared prices online. Now I feel like a chump.
I'm lucky enough to live in a soft water area. Descaling is not a thing.
We have well water. The guy who tested our water told us it was the hardest water he had ever seen.
I cleaned the fuck out of the house today which is a huge accomplishment because I've barely been out of bed in the past week.
I told my brain to suck it and got some homework done.
Reloaded paper in the printer to shut it up. Ten feet from my desk and it sounds a series of beeps every sixty seconds when there's a job waiting on an empty tray. I would feel like a minor hero except most of the office works from home on Fridays so there's nobody else nearby to brag to.
Started going in to the office again. It is very challenging being away from Evelyn, and I keep calling Stephen to see how she is, and stalking her on our baby monitor.
I refrained from stuffing my boss into the dishwasher and water boarding his ass John Ashcroft style.
I used to hate my boss, but then I realized shit only gets done when he's around. I work in food service, though, so probably can't speak for John Q. Officeworker and his three bosses
Finished setting up my wife's laptop after a child-induced hard disk failure. Next I may need to start running my own DNS.
I got my CTS exam scheduled today! I'll be taking it at the end of next month! Then I can get those sweet, sweet initials at the end of my name. Exciting!
Congratulations Zia!
I’ve collected probably 6 different species of mushrooms, 3 different species of bracket fungi, 3 different species of boletes, and 1 species of jelly fungus. Now all I have to do is identify what species they are and I’ll have 1/4 of my grade for a mycology class.
But have you collected a butt mushroom?

(Giant Puffball, BTW)
Man I would love to find one of those, cause that would become so easy to identify. You don’t know how much I wish I could go buy some damn portobellos or straw mushrooms or something. If only it was that easy.
I was smoking a cigarette about an hour ago. I was smoking it nice and slow, gettin’ good and relaxed feeling. First time I had been able to smoke a cigarette slowly in a long time. I wasn’t hitting it that much though. I sorta let it stay as a burning stick in my hand. The smoke started hitting my eyes and my face and my nose. I got that smell of cigarettes that’s like that “damn that corner over there under a mile away smells nasty” smell. I stared at the thing for a little bit. Thought “you know what? I’m done. Fuck this. I’m not a hostile and depressed teenager anymore.” Threw my last two cigs in the toilet. I know I’m gonna regret it. Sort of already am. But I know for a fact I’m not gonna buy any more of ‘em.

Even if you’re a hostile and depressed teenager going through a lot of shit, don’t you go a’smokin’ no cigarettes.
Atta boy. I'm proud of you.
Thanks, man. Shit’s hard. I think I’m gonna have to drop a couple friends from my “frequently hang out with” list cause they smoke a lot. I think I might try continuing to hang out with them, but if a pattern of making me think “damn I’d love one of those” starts, then I just won’t be able to hang out with them.

For certain people though I’m gonna have to make exceptions and keep my “walk it off, nerd” attitude about myself feeling shitty up.
Zia said:
I got my CTS exam scheduled today! I'll be taking it at the end of next month! Then I can get those sweet, sweet initials at the end of my name. Exciting!

Update: I passed! :D

Where are you hoping it will take you?
It SHOULD be getting me an (already overdue) promotion at work. It's also just an important cert in the AV field overall.
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