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I was more curious as to what you are doing within AV - it's a pretty wide field.

No need to answer if you don't want to. I'm a big believer in privacy, particularly online.
Gotcha, no worries. I currently work as an assistant* project manager (who has been doing the job of a normal project manager for the past four months). We primarily work in education with nearby universities. We do interactive classrooms, digital signage, video walls, VR set ups for architecture/construction, conference rooms, et cetera. We do custom programming and controls for everything. Oftentimes we work on new construction buildings. There's a lot we do outside of education as well for banks, government, et cetera. We're working on an emergency operations center right now, which is pretty cool.
Made it through the day without bumming any cigs off anyone wooo!
I ate an entire Noodles and Company bowl of Mac n Cheese (with chicken in) in five minutes!!
I finally won a raffle! Technically not an accomplishment because it’s luck based, oh well.
I've aced all my Spanish tests so far!
Te felicito!
A'ight, responded to all three (three!) of the recruiters who were interested in me. Here's to hoping!
I got some boxes for moving.
I got 29/50 on an economics test
Guys my tech situation is gonna be dire for a couple days. I dropped my laptop two weeks ago, its currently down to 1/5th of the screen at this point. New screen is in the mail though. Then today I managed to brick my phone with the latest android update, new one is also in the mail.
I've officially written 200,000 words that I like enough to let the semi-anonymous public can see them. I would still be mortified if anyone I knew found my word-hoard, but at least I haven't let it sit and rot in my hard drive like I've done with literally every other independent writing project I've done.
I made a song and a music video
And got reviewed in a music journal

I suppose none of those are huge accomplishments, but I am proud of all of it. This is also my first spotify release, which isn't actually that much of a barrier, you just need to pay a distributer. But I'm hoping to get a good amount of streams early on to celebrate that as an accomplishment as well.

Update: It has 500 views on day 2, so that's the best a music video of mine has done!
I made my first roux without burning it. Albeit I could've done it more efficiently for sure.

I made a banger
I finally managed to move my laptop over to Linux! A bum flash drive and many restarts later.
It does feel smoother, but I'm missing some of the finer touchpad features already.
Hmm neat
I installed linux on my old laptop earlier this year, and I couldn't agree with you more that touchpad support is terrible. You might look into this: I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising.
Thank you. Looks like I've got some research to do on packages and command line haha.
my brother taught me how to brush my teeth today

and i did it all on my own without any help like a big boy

but for real turns out i was pressing too hard and eroding my gums
I brush my teeth like this.
First I swish with mouthwash
Then I floss or use my Waterpick.
Then I brush all my teeth, my tongue, my cheeks, the roof of my mouth and my tongue
Then I rinse
Then swish with another mouthwash
Is this how you guys do it?
I do brush with gum protect, alcoholic mouthwash, then waterpik.
1. Brush teeth completely.
2. Floss.
3. Brush again, but only to get rid of excess stuff.
4. Mouthwash.
you use mouthwash every time?
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