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Two different kinds.
I managed to acquire another author this week to work for as an assistant! I'm also doing a chat with a different one early next week. Waiting to hear back from an recruiter as well for a project manager position, which I'm not sure if I'll be able to move forward with but I'm proud of having done the initial interview for it. Lots of accomplishments here.
I cooked a corned beef dinner today and it turned out great. The secret? Boil that meat for three hours, even if the package says one and a half. Just keep it going.

I'll write up my recipe if anyone's interested.
Just finished making a backpack charm and currently setting it to dry. Might've gone too excessive with the mod podge.
okay i gotta level with you guys about something

i've been sitting on this screen for the past 3 hours hoping to say "i was the guy who got the 42069th post on status updates" and obsessively refreshing to check for the 42068

honestly i'm throwing in the towel. i gotta go to sleep. it just wasn't meant to be. congratulations to whoever does manage to achieve that elusive number, though.
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