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I need to shave.
I need to study more.
I need to boom shake shake shake the room
I need to eat.
I need to drink coffee.
I need to get a haircut.
I need to get out of bed.
No, you don't. Just sit in bed. Sit in bed all day long and never look back.
If I didn't need to eat I would happily do that.
Bring the food back to your bed.
I need to finish packing, eat, work out, finish updating my music library, drink more water, respond to those messages, etc.
But I won't.
qwEXspam said:
I need to get a haircut.

So do I, but I'm not planning to.
At least your teachers give you a certain freedom in regards to hair length. The teachers in our school oblige the ones who have certain hairstyles, considered by them as 'long hair' to get a haircut. This, for example, is unacceptable. So is this and even this.
Wow. That is sad. Some guys look really good in hair like that.
I like those haircuts.

I need to get my eyebrows done, wowowwwow.
Yeah, I'm never going to cut my hair short again.
Me neither.
I need to eat.
I need to eat as well. Or do I want to eat? I don't know.
Standing up is too much work.
I need to go work on my fanfic...
Yeah, I'm never going to cut my hair short again.


I need to catch a plane to Tennessee then Florida.
I need to be motivated.
Yeah, I'm never going to cut my hair short again.
You would be obliged to if you attended this crappy school that I am in right now. You don't get to develop your own style, no. The "appropriate" style is imposed to you. And people say that Communism is dead. Not at all. Not in this school anyway. You either obey their ridiculous rules or you get burned at the stakes for being an agitating warlock and a scoundrel. I fucking hate them so much.
I need to change.
I need to stop letting boredom and frustration ruin my life. (Not because I'm just bored and frustrated, but because I act so childish and annoying when I am. And probably make people dislike me)