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I think we need a breaking things thread. Because why the hell not.
Post what you broke today; on purpose, accident, or some combination thereof. And give a little psychological analysis of yourself if you feel like it.

So I broke a glass today, because I tried to put it down on a counter-top really really hard.
I think it was because I wave my hands around to much when I talk. Especially to myself. Which means I'm somewhat lackadaisical, but have good morals.
Inb4 broken hearts and "Ermagurd I'm so broken". (Unless you're posting Seether, then its OK.)

I broke my car, I have no idea how, but I feel like I might die every time I drive it.
Did you really have to inb4?
Gahhh that's why I left 4chan and don't talk to people on facebook
Broke my BackTrack 5 install.

EDIT: inb4 more inb4 hate
Pheo broke my heart with his snarky posts, I'll tell you that much.

Today, I broke my record needle. That's ok though, because soon, I should be getting a much nicer player.
I broke the cap on my pen, because I flung it (the pen) across the room when it wouldn't work right. Over the course of my life this story has repeated itself many times, with the pen cap replaced by numerous other objects. Psychologically, this is probably not good.
I broke bread, gave it to my disciples, and said, "Take this, all of you, and eat it. This is my body, which has been given up for you."
I broke a small branch off of a Vitex tree. I really had no reason, but it was cool to look at the patterns of its tissue.
I was just proving today that I could still recite most of the Catholic mass.
God me too.
Do you still go?
It must suck to be Catholic.
Oh, it did.
Hahaha Lazzy here broke his connection with the church?
Yup, Evangelistical now. I was not a fan of how they did things. I used to go to a catholic school, so, yeah...
Obviously, I can still recite most of the Catholic mass. Being catholic is being in some cult that has been kept intact since the middle ages.
Pretty much. Religion is strange.
Can bones count? I'm pretty sure I just broke my little one from stubbing it really hard in the kitchen.
My bud has INRI tattooed on his arm, even though he's not a Catholic anymore, he is able to discern between the good and the bad of his heritage. I hope everyone can be like that.
Bones count, yep. As long as the object is qualified as broken.

I stopped going to church at like 12, it made god seem too much like the bogey man
I broke a pair of keys (Don't ask), A laundry basket, a zipper on a jacket, a pencil, and I might have damaged a violin. I'm clumsy.
Was it a good violin?

I broke... my lighter. I was fiddling with it and fiddling with it and the freaking fork (yeah, that's what the little button is called) snapped off. I then proceeded to break off the flint, and smash the plastic case because I was so mad.
From this I have learned
A)If I play with things I will break them
B)That button is a fork
C)I don't actually have a reason for why I carry a lighter with me everywhere
Yes, a good one.
How badly damaged?
I said MAY. And internal damage, anyways, and luckily, nowhere near the sound post.
Did it come unpasted or something?