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A thread for writing letters to anything/anyone you choose. I find writing letters with no intention of sending them cathartic. It's as if I am writing a message in a karmic bottle and sending it out into the universe. Here is an example:

Dear Headache,

I'm sorry. I must have wronged you in some way. It's the only explanation as to why you are causing me such incessant, heinous pain. I have attempted to placate you with drugs, water and carbohydrates, to no effect. What do you want!? Money? A sacrifice? My brain to explode?
Please go away and leave me alone.

Your unwilling victim,


Dear Brillig,

TCaS does not need this thread. Go away.

Indifferent regards,
Everyone (not you)
I think this thread is an interesting idea.
Venice said:
Dear Brillig,

I think this thread is an interesting idea.



I had to get a new ID. The woman at the desk asked me if I needed to update my contact information, then read out your first name. Olen. The only time I've ever heard you referred to by that name has always been in relation to your death. Olen. You hated that name so much. Olen, Olen, Olen.

I opened my mouth, but not a single word came out. I know you'd laugh at that--me, speechless. Miguel finally cleared his throat and said that it would need to be updated.

Graduation is in less than three months and you won't be there.

I'm bad at letters.
You're not, that was heartfelt and very poignant.
Dear Brillig,

I quite like this thread idea. I will probably use it to be vague and cryptic too often, but what is life without some mystery? Thanks for making it.

Dear Jamie,

The entire fucking world doesn't revolve around you. There are 6,999,999,999 other people on Earth that also matter. It's not what looks right, it's what is right. There are other people with great ideas. It's not only you.

Fuck you,
Dear work,

I know you provide me with an income and a way to stay out of trouble during the day. Thanks to you I can afford to have a nice apartment, pursue my hobbies, and enjoy my recreation time. So I know I shouldn't feel so ambivalent towards you. I think the problem is that you are trap me in a really boring and meaningless set of exercises everyday and so I resent you. I feel wasted and that I am not living up to my potential. After all, I didn't spend 8 years training so I could help multinational corporations manipulate people into buying more shit they don't need. Or apparently, I did. Perhaps it isn't even you I dislike, perhaps it is me, for not doing something different. You are probably just the scapegoat and I admit that isn't fair. But you are an intangible concept, a collection of colleagues with a loose association moving in vaguely the same direction for 9 hours a day. So I am sure you won't take offense.

Yours...for the rest of my adult life,


I hope you feel proud of yourself. You get to distract millions of kids from much more productive work for school or their job or otherwise working towards their future passions for what? Shit from elementary school and middle school. Not only that, but you demand we do it in a very limited time frame. During Junior Year, I'm sure students have a lot better things to do than figure out how to look at graphs and read short stories in 35 minutes each. But you just need your way. We all need to conform to your standards if we want you to rate us any amount close enough to get a decent future. Why colleges decide an arbitrary score completely unrelated to knowledge or hard work is so important is beyond me, but I'll conform to your system, this time ACT/SAT.

This time.

-I am Jack's signature.
Dear jaxxie,

I hate you. And as I'm sure you know, I usually don't hate people. You fucker.

Yours truly.
Dear Jaxxie

You are lovely and I think Jaxxie should stop being mean to you.

Grayseff Beverly Hunterr
Dear Piper,

Where do we go from here? I know you love me but what do I do for the next two years? I guess I shall continue to wait, thinking of you.
<3 Hexus

Dear Brillig,

TCaS Definitely needed this thread. It will act as a gateway for deeper and more meaningful emotional expression. Also it seems creative and original. Have a nice day.
<3 Hexus
Dear brain,

Make up your fucking mind.

Yours truly,
Dear Reality,

Fuck off. I like living in my dream world.

Many thanks,
Dear Shannen,

If you reply to this thread you will have exactly twice as many posts as I do. Do with that what you will.

Kind regards,
Dear Hob,

I feel like we are now one in the same.

Love always,
Dear Hob and Shannen,

Now you can never post again.

Unless they maintain the ratio.
I hope this^ happens.

Dear Meow (Peter!),

I look forward to being irritatedly curious about your cryptic letters. Mystery is the spice of life.

In anticipation,
Brillig (Misha)
Dear Nips,


Dear bacon:
I can smell you cooking downstairs. Shortly, I will devour you.
Love, Eric
Dear SmilingSnakes,
I'm toatz jelly. I wish I had some bacon.

Dear Beautiful,

It seems as if we have done this a few too many times, doesn't it? Maybe even the first was too much. Why do we both expect something different from it this time? The worst part, I feel, is that we both expect something completely opposite in how this should be different. Oh well.

Dear Ashley
I would totally some of this bacon if you were here.
Regards, Snakes
Dear Random Dude,

I'm pretty sure "Hanging with my boy" is about as straightforward as I can get without telling you to fuck off, so stop fucking asking me when we can go out. I'm not hip enough to get away with saying "Chillin wif ma boiiis", so why you think "boy" means anything other than significant other is beyond me. Hop off my nuts.