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What are you procrastinating about? Tell us.
We want to know. It helps us procrastinate.
Studying. So unique of me, I know.

EDIT: Also, cleaning.

EDIT EDIT: Also texting my friend back.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Getting more water.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Getting food.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Scheduling my test.
I should get to bed a tad earlier. It is only 2:30am but it's been like this way too often lately.
I should touch up my blonde roots.
I should do AP Lit. And work on my resume. And write my essay for college. And other stuff. and sleep.
Aw crap. Speaking of AP, I should start my AP Chem summer homework. Meh.
AP Chem homework? Over the summer? Sounds fun.

I should get a job.
Nah. You don't have to start it until mid-July. I should improve my health.
I have a bunch of summer homework. It all sucks.
I was supposed to get a AP Calculus packet to do over the summer, to prepare for Calc. But the Trig teacher never gave it too us. And I didn't get anything to do for AP Chem either, or AP Econ. So I guess I'm lucky.
I should go to bed... I't 3:30 in the morning. Why the actual hell am I still awake?
:( You should probably do that sleep thing then.

I should probably bite the bullet and give him a call.
Yeah... I'll do that. That sounds golden.

Good luck, lovie. <3
I should probably also say that I love you Kelly
AP Bio summer work, English honors summer work, Pre-calc honors summer work, and I should also get a job.
I should be trying to go to bed but I can't help it. I'm sitting here wondering a hundred thousand things right now.
I should figure out what the fuck I want to do with my life.

Edit: Sorry about that. I'm pretty sure I killed this thread with that post.
I should really learn how to care less.
I should probably prepare my lesson plans for the beginning of the school year.
I should do my summer work.
Me too. Even though school started yesterday.
If I don't have mine finished by tomorrow, I get kicked out of the advanced English class. First day of school. I also have to figure out how to fix a borrowed camera I accidentally broke since I have to take pictures with it for Yearbook at tomorrow's pep rally.
Good luck with that. I'd offer help but I have no clue what you're doing so.... If you had to read the Kite Runner or the Catcher in the Rye, you're in luck.
The book was simple enough. I'll be fine if I can sum up the effort to complete it. The thing is that since I completed the class last year, I can go to AP English next year with no repercussions even if I get into this year's class or not. I'll just feel really guilty and take more faeces from my mother than usual.
I should do my calculus homework. Or at least try harder at it. I enjoy it, I'm just procrastinating, watching Doctor Who. Playing around on here. Hanging out with a friend later. I am really lame :P