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I should just stop worrying and love the bomb.
Huxley! Did you just. Just. Something. You should stop making me like you more than I already do. It's dangerous.
Hmm? What's that you say? Dangerous how?
Shhh. Just shhh. Now please excuse me while I try to seduce you a little bit. That dangerous.
Jaxxie and Huxley, you are both supercool. And European.
I should be studying. Quick someone! Kick me off the internet.
I should be getting my school stuff ready and attaching my crest to my school jumper but fuck that, I am going to pretend I am not going back to school tomorrow until it is far too late to do anything. Although I guess my books are already ready because I didn't touch them all summer, so heyyy.
I should sleep... My bus comes kinda early
I should go do that thing where I look presentable for work...maybe.
I should listen.
I should really learn Spanish. That, or I should request more evening shifts.
Still giving you grief at work?
Gray, you seem to be talking to a ghost.
Not really. Jestykins works with people who speak only Spanish.

Pay attention Dahmy.
XD apparently Jest may as well be a ghost.
No, I'm just dumb.
I should tell Dahmy he isn't dumb. He just doesn't pay much attention to Jest. You should. Jest is hilarious.
I should pay more attention in general. I remember Jest saying something about that before.

I should also calm the fuck down. But I can't I reeeeeeeeaaaaallly wanna go to this concert. But it's like in two months. fml. I caan't waaait thiiis looong.
I should turn off my cellular data since it's above 90% and won't reset for a week, but then I can't chill with my homedogs here.
I should not be so ghostly, apparently.

But it's so much fun.
See Dahmy?

I should have been more attentive before because that put a huge smile on my face.
Jest you fun. Thanks for bringing them to prominence Gray :) You should work in PR.