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Jest is my Sebastian.
Yo ho.
I should go to sleep. But I don't want to. My insides aren't feeling happy.
I should tell my mom that my dad and stepmother intend to put me through counseling. But it's so hard. I can't just do that to her. Not because of what going to it means, but because what it could possibly mean in her head. She's not exactly one to face problems head on. She also tends to over-dramatize things. I need to tell her. I just don't know how to go about it. This sucks. I need to stop thinking. I thought alcohol was supposed to do that. Why is not working? Hmph. I'm not good at doing things I should do. This drink is orange and it's not orange juice. It's weird. I should stop going off on tangents. Okay. I will tell my mom when she wakes up. Maybe.
I should learn how to dance. Good dancers make it look so fun and easy..
I should stop being a judgmental asshole. People would be more willing to approach me in that case. Probably.
I should burn his fucking house down and salt the earth.
^Do you need help dear?

I should probably do something other than what I'm doing now. But screw it.
I should really just be a normal flirty, stupid girl and learn to be less observant and creepy and have a worse memory. Just. I would like to be a dumbass or at least be willing to pretend to be one. Please? Just, c'mon self. Please?
I should be willing to give this a chance.
I should just get over this bullshit tonight but I can't.
I should be there.
I should not be looking for a boyfriend. BUT I REALLY LIKE GUYS!
I should go sit outside and talk to him.
I should remember my goddamn debit card next time
I should finish writing the album review of Drunken Lullabies I started a few months back. I think I may have the time to do so now.
I should reconnect tonight.
I should study for history. It's one of the only two I really need to study for.
I should be studying. I should've eaten something, considering its 1:20. I should get dressed. I should fix my hair. I should brush my teeth. I should be at school.
But, alas, I'm sick!!! I should make myself some soup, because I'm hungry.
I should eat and then shower. There's no getting out of it today.
Homework and memorizing lines for Madrigal in a week... goo thing I don't have too many lines.
This fucking essay. UGH I haven't turned in an essay in so long, I don't even know what to do.
Last year, I had so many essays to write, I really felt like I got good at writing them quickly, but I've had so few this year that when I sat down to write my term paper, I just stared at the screen forever. So, I know what you mean.
It's not that I haven't had any assigned this semester. It's that I haven't turned any in that weren't written in the course of 90 minutes for a district test. I'm really bad about this stuff...