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What do you see around you other than your computer?

I see to giant cardboard boxes painted as die and a book titled Zombie Survival Guide.
Ok, I officially pity this thread. I see a phone, an iPod, a calculater, speakers, an ashtray (with an unfinished cigarrette lying in it), keys, a condom, and listerene breath strips.
Seconded^ I deem this, 'Thread for the hopelessly bored'

I see an iPod. The room came with it.
No, this thread is different!

I see a computer
, on a table.
Explain your thesis, Harok :)
I see blur. I don't have my contacts. Or my glasses.
wait was this thread already made? sorry if it was.
Oi, no.

I see twelve different types of meds--pills, sprays, creams. Gum. Dressing Retention sheets. Water. Rubbing alcohol. Yarn. CDs scattered around the desk.
I see banana lip balm (for chapped lips after a cold), card sleeves, 2 lamps, a hamper, a clock, a fan, and a bed.
Now I see a different computer and desk.
Big can of red bull, phone, green luminglass disk, plasma ball, dual monitors, keyboard, mouse pens, and a little plant.
terrible actors. Terrible directors, hastilyy made props, terrible lightung, bat droppings, a bat carcass, trash, curtains, rust, and a dead bird.
So play practise is going well I take it?
Sounds like it...

I see a laptop, a red comforter, and a Blur CD case.
Over a dozen pictures, a stack of textbooks, a scattered array of various toiletries (my desk doubles as my vanity - how's that for saving space in a dorm?) a mirror, more pictures, 5 post-its with a bunch of reminders on them (seriously, I'm really forgetful), my schedule for next year, and a box of Blueberry Crunch cereal.
A large plank of wood, an electronic drum kit, a purple chair, a patterned skirt, two sleepover mattresses, a cereal bowl, a painting that I'll never finish, a window.
I see the cutest baby. My best friend who's 4. And my uncle playing xbox.
I see a few action figures, a cup of water half-empty, a finished Rubik's cube resting on a roll on duct tape.
A Raptor and water bottle. Both are captivating.
joetom said:
So play practise is going well I take it?

You guessed it.
I'm on my bed so there is a book (Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, in case you were curious), a cd holder, doodle pages, a blue bra, some hairties, my phone, jacket, the blanket my grandma made me, and Tyler the build-a-bear Cole and I made on Valentine's day.
My cats, TV remote, keys, cigarette lighter, various USB cables, cup of coffee
A lot of students on computers
More green. And a couch.
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