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Bo Burnham - Kill Yourself
This wonderful mashup
Some Danger Doom/MF DOOM and Danger Mouse
Alive with the Glory of Love

This song makes me giggle.
I am listening to the thunderous swirl of my toilet draining a poop. Also a youtube audiobook of an Ursula K Leguin reading of thr Tao Te Ching. Epic combo, really.
Mokena by Real Friends
this. And wondering how the heck I'm going to be able to play that fast in the two month time frame I have.

I don't usually listen classical, but just so happened to be practicing...
This now.

Speaking as a complete classical music dilettante and tone-deaf incompetent: every time I hear a piano piece played by Kate Liu any other musician it just makes me yearn for some Yundi.
The Battlefront II soundtrack, and I don't even play video games. This is a new level of nerddom.
Undertale OST. Don't know how, don't know why.
New Girl by The Walters.
Burn Mother Fucker by Five Finger Death Punch
Pristine Christine by the Sea Urchins.
More Than a Woman, Bee Gees
American Money - BØRNS
ピノキオピー Vocaloids are Lame
La Cienega - 88rising, Joji & Niki
The Brothel - Susanne Sundfør

Boyfriendo has introduced me to her music and I really like it.
Party For One. trust Carly Rae Jepsen to come out with a breakup banger when I needed one.
Tom Lerher's "The Element Song"
Great piece of music.
I still remember how to sing it from like 6th grade
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