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Final Fantasy 4 boss theme, cuz'
Differentology (Ready for the Road) [Major Laser Remix] by Bunji Garlin
Mustang Sally- Wilson Pickett
I'm not just listening to this I'm actually playing along on my horn (bass clarinet)
Bass Clarinets are not horns. Horns are brass instruments.
Have some woodwind pride!
Saxophones are commonly regarded as part of the horn section.
Bass clarinet = honky honky horn
(Or I guess technically libel, since it's written.)
No, since it’s a forum conversation and not a published work, it is technically considered slander.
Coldfrost said:
Lies are in the string section.
Statistics are percussion.
bass clarinets make the best "horns"
Don't practically all bass clarinet players start out on normal clarinet though?
I know a clarinet player that started out playing bass clarinet. I also know that I started out on normal then switched to bass
Some go from sax to bass clarinet.
Michael Lowenstern came out of the womb playing bass clarinet.
Once you go sax, you never go bax.
I hear
The secrets that you keep?
Earlier I was playing some Castlevania OCRemix tracks.
Now I'm listening to The Mary Ellen Carter. We both know who's to blame.
I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.
The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
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