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when you want to slash your foes or nightmares away

when you’re not sad or happy
i don't get why there's an epilepsy warning
I don't know why I like this piano interpretation of the Queen of the Night Aria better than the actual opera versions.
I've been listening to a bunch of Japanese tea garden mixes to fall asleep. Shakuhachi and whatnot.
Ooh nice.
2017 era lo-fi mixes and ghost town 8 bit by tater tot tunes
splatoon ost’s, synth wars by jack o reilly, and sleepaways on bandcamp
I just discovered CX9, and they're very unknown but make some good music.
corpse 🧟‍♂️
This absolute bop
sus steppus
eurobeat waiting on destiny and where are you bob
best song to be ever made
Sonic The Hedgehog - Marble Zone(SNES remix)
Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (Smooth jazz cover)

all jokes aside these are two of the most beautiful pieces i've ever listened to. i discovered marble zone around september of 2019 and the green hill zone jazz cover was so familiar to me upon hearing it for the first time today but honestly both pieces are so breathtaking to me. i dunno these are spiritually significant songs to me. they're literally so good.
in my opinion the greatest video game parody song of all time.
quarantine theme
red's recommendation. it's a good song though. another quarantine bop
significant to me lmao
nathan doan comedy old outro
cvit p5 review theme
best song from best movie
i played this game recently because i'm a lonely motherfuck. i actually learned the piano to this song a few years ago.
edit: actually i'm pretty sure it was just last year, in 9th grade. yeah it's a good song.T-T
Born from Fire

this guy is so underground how did you find him
i'm listening to fnf mod ost's btw
I think I saw them somewhere on Reddit
We are Stardust by LukHash

Also whatever comes up next on streaming services.
i never played this game. i still like the soundtrack.
I'm listening to We didn't start the fire
Oops wrong thread😅
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