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Post here when you hit a milestone in your post count (i.e. 1000, 3000, 5000, 6,969, etc.). Or post when you hit a milestone related to how long you've been here (like 3 years), or just any site-related milestones in general. I recently hit a thousand a while ago and I forgot to say something, so I will stick that in here too.
I am nearly 1500 posts into my thousand-million negative posts.
I just hit 5 years.
I'mma hit it later this month! :D
Yeah, you are! ;)
I have the date in my calendar, and am totally gonna party.
Huh. I thought I would notice 2K posts but I'm already at 2066.
I brought Sophy back.
Platinum trophy.
Sounds liquid-y.
Apparently I recently hit 5,000 without noticing.
Actually, I think I said something about it "banishing" you during the revolution.

Post number 1500!

I have no idea how many posts I have.

Edit: 4662
>.> thanks.
I'm at 7,592. Damn. Didn't think it was that many. I slowed down a lot, at least.
What was your other account?
I should add all mine up.
EDIT: Done. About 5,700.
I had a bunch just from shitposting in Forum Games. It's embarrassing.
I'm sure at least half of mine are games.
I'd venture 70%~80% of mine are Forum Games.
I think I've now been active so long that more posts than not are from the rest of the forum. I still had so many game posts. I was one of the first to reach 10k on the new forum.
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