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I've been in the 1000s for like 5 years. But hey, it was my twocans birthday a few days ago on 15 Cado 8:2. I registered on 9 Cado 8:2. Guess that means I'm on my 6th year milestone.
My twocans birthday is in about a month 11 Cado 13:0 so about three weeks.
My TwoCans birthday was last week. Whoops. Six years. If my first account were a person, it could be going to school by now.
I have no idea when I joined. Pretty sure it was 2011, whilst I was reviewing my thesis and pretending to work in England.
Always thought I joined waaaaaaay later than everyone, but I guess it was around the same time.
I missed posting about it, but Friday was my seventh anniversary as twocans dot web slash scoggles.
It was the day I got a job! :D
Congrats, Scogs.

Also to you Dragon, but I already said that.
I got a $1.00 raise. Heck yes.
500. Now I have to decide whether to ever post again.
Post number 100
2001, a Langston Odyssey?
1000! I'm out. Nice knowing y'all.
1000! I'm out. Nice knowing y'all.
Ruined by yours truly.
C'mon, man!
The question is, did he delete something, or did he simply change the numbers?
I was reading an old thread and happened to notice an accidental double post and deleted it and then noticed the post count and avatar combination.
That makes it better.
Why does that coffee table have so many legs?
It's obviously a hairbrush.
It looks like a USB with legs
It's part of a circuit board or something.
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