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The 8008 is a microprocessor from 1972 by Intel.
It's also a nice thing to type on a calculator.
Not to be confused with an 808, which is a sick beat machine from 1980 by Roland.
Or to be confused with 88, my credit score.

...I met a drug dealer that took credit cards
Or it says " I c boob". If we're stretching it.
One registered user away from 55,555.
Weeeew! 1,000 days since my formal introduction to the forums!
Wow, congratulations on your milestone!
I can't even remember. I joined in 2011...I think. Right before I submitted my PhD and was living in England.
All of the hubbaloo and confusion on the lates Forum Games RP made me miss it.

This is my 1000th post on this account and my 8002nd post overall.
*Waves hands excitedly*

I've got more than twice that! :D
Indeed. XD Youve also been around twice as long. XD
I think 30,000 is my next big marker.
Pretty much, unless youre worried about 25,000
Nah, I'm big enough now to start going by 10,000's.
I cleanly missed 6,000. Ah well.
I'm past 1000 posts wtf
Oh wow, Dragon, you passed Wildface for the most posts. I used to think I'd be the one to do that when I was still active.
I did? I guess I'm just that good at winning.
17000 answered. Over something like 1400 days of membership o.O
I'm 3 away from 7000!

And with a ton of posts and years of being here and whatever.
Questions answered: 18881
Questions asked: 222.
I closed the tab from my first introduction post, but I've been here something like 4.5 years.
I passed the hardest inspection my job has and excelled in every category. I'm pretty happy about that.
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