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Dang I need to catch up and fast. lol
2000 posts! Happy millenium everyone ;P
7,700 post soon to be 8,000 on my way to 10,000 and beyond!
...sorry TC.
But hey, 8000 posts!
Just missed 1313 posts
Edit: now this is 1410

Oh and I just turned 16 almost 2 weeks ago but who cares about that?
Questions answered: 32222
This is my 3000th post.
666 Posts, wahoo.
A bit overdone, a bit meager, but hey.

+888 answered questions!
wow, I'm almost at 4k posts
1337th post
I've now been here for two whole years. I'm not entirely sure why I keep coming back, but I do, and it doesn't feel like I'll be stopping anytime soon.
With this post, I have made 550 forum posts. I forgot to do it at 500.
oop, forgot to do 1,000.
my uh

thread got locked so

woo 🥳 1776 posts
Congratz! ;)
good job!
I actually didn't realize I hit 4000 posts.
i have

<----- this many
I missed 1,000. Just like I missed 500. Ah well.

Edit: It's now 1,069. That's even better.
666 questions
all at once or over ur lifetime?
1000 posts yay
100 isn’t a lot but I’ve been on this site for over a year and have only just recently gotten into the whole forum thing
With this post, I'll have 2,000 of them. Within less than 4 months.

I need a life.
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