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Hey I'm not sure that I'm putting this in the right place so apologies if it's wrong.

Today I went to a booth that was signing people up to be 'specimens' for their research. It was an odd request but I figured 'why not' so I gave them my name and email and I got a package that looks like this. I haven't opened it yet as I wanted to share this with all of you first.
... I'm uncomfortable with that.
Are there still sign ups I want one it might give me superpowers.
Call and ask before you open it. Verify with the sender what the contents are or find a lab to open it safely.
I have the feeling that this is just a serious misuse of the biohazard symbol. If it turns out to be a demo for a zombie game or some other piece of garbage I will be seriously annoyed.

Did the deliveryman require you to sign the package out?
I think i'dmuch rather be safe than sorry when it came to biohazard out materials.
I'm 100% certain it's some sort of viral marketing. There are so many things that point toward it, I don't feel like listing them off. Besides, if it's ACTUALLY a biohazard, he's already been exposed. Opened the bag.

EDIT: I will say though, I think I've ended up on a couple more government watchlists by adding "hazardous material packaging regulations" and "class 6 infectious substance packaging standards" to my Google search history.
I'm sure it's viral marketing too; shitty unethical marketing.
I'm now much more familiar with the packaging standards for hazardous and infectious materials than I ever thought I'd be.
Lol. "Viral marketing".
Srsly though can I still get one I want superpowers
I would make them suffer. Call a biohazard team and make them pay for the callout.
Definitely a shitty marketing thing.
It feels and looks like it's probably a book inside. I'm going to open it up today when I get home and take take a picture to share. I'm surprised at the strong reactions here about the package. I wonder if it's a cultural difference or if I'm just desensitized. I want to know what information I'm going to receive when the leaves fall

Also, I'm not sure you could get one now Sundog, the both is gone, and I have no idea where you'd get one.