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I had subway.
homemade bread and stuffed shells.
Pfffff... dinner.
Dill Pickle chips and Mtn Dew.
Shepherd's pie. Mmm. I'm looking forward to that.
I ate chicken and rice. My kid ate cereal. I wish he would eat the things I cook.
Macaroni and cheese with green beans and milk. [:
Probably some awful box dinner--I'm not cooking tonight.
I think we are going to have pasta and chicken.
I'm thinkin'...Ramen. With teriyaki and hoisin. <3
Sweet! Fried chicken!
Tonight I had 2 toaster strudels. Delicious.
Chicken, rice & veggies.
Nothing. I refuse to vomit again.
Today's probably going to be whatever you can find, unless I make it. Mum's not feeling well.

It's okay, though, 'cause last night's fried chicken was exactly like my school's.
Gravy biscuits!
Poptart. Nummmmmmm.
Whatever you can find around here.
Hopefully something better tonight than last night. Had 2 oranges and a ground chicken patty last night.
A boiled potato. I cube it and boil it. No butter, no salt. Tastes so good!
Chips. Nom nom nom.
Spinich pizza, yum!
@sunshineshannen- Om nom nom nom?

Meatball Italiano.
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