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Don't know if this is just me or not. Do you ever have that one musician who just shows up everywhere? YouTube, the radio, even TV sometimes? Or his/her songs are always stuck in your head? If so, who? For some reason, with me it seems to be Tom Jones. Don't know why. Just wondering if this is just me or if this has happened to any of you.
Fucking Train was like that when I was younger. I do not miss my goddamned youth.
Sundog, I can totally relate. During my 14th birthday party, three Tom Jones songs came on. I was also at a Sunday school class and my teacher said he had a dog named Delilah, then later my mom (who was in a restaraunt during my Sunday school class) said that she heard Delilah on the radio. I mean, that is just weird!
Was it What's New Pussycat, followed by It's Not Unusual, then another What's New Pussycat?
XD Nope. It was Delilah, What's New, Pussycat?, then It's Not Unusual.
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