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I did not.

yeah, it's an art piece.
one of the ones my competition focused on
Nobody by Mitski because if you're going to cry over being lonely in the middle of the night you might as well do it right
Requiem of Silence. The show it comes from may be deeply flawed, but certain parts knocked it out of the park, and the part when this music plays is certainly one of them.
Snarky Puppy - Lingus
The Tater Tot Tunes remix of Gourmet Race. Release the oatmeal!

I see we have a Simpleflips fan.

Listening to some "the channel isn't being used right now" jazz.
Silvagunner magic
nichijou music
Nichijou is a good anime
Ooh, who's your favorite character?
I'm listening to the 10th anniversary vocaloid medley for the infinitieth time

(Keep the thread going, and my favorite character is sakamoto)
Fracture ray and ether strike, both from arcaea
ooh that game

I'm listening to some random bms songs
Crying Lightning by The Arctic Monkeys.
"Those Nights" by Bastille.
God Save the Lobster Queen

edit: (shit i forgot the credits)the song is by Zoe Blade
Ah, Queen's "God Save the Lobster". A fan favorite from their lesser known, shellfish themed follow up to Jazz, "Crabzz".
Pictured above, a displeased Queen fan reacting to "Crabzz"
I... I don't know how to feel about this. I relate to both of you.
Particle Arts by Virtual Self, probably not for the reason you're thinking of
Aviator - Polyphia (feat. Jason Richardson)

I don't know why I love this song so much, I like the solo, but the main melodies are epic.
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