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*Whatever you call that thing at the beginning of Midnight City*
Aaand you just got it stuck in my head too just by mentioning it, haha.
I'm not sorry it hits
everybody super sonic racing
gotta keep your feet right on the ground
so we super sonic racing
there's no time to look around

everybody super sonic racing
up until the point of no return
so we super sonic racing
there's no time to look at urn!

(i forget the lyric but the melody is ingrained in my mind, if that counts.)
"Do you see where I used to be a boy?"
I say I've had it in my mouth
I swallowed the evidence down
And the children we wanted around
Have stayed in my stomach to drown

  • 1990 Was A Long Year And We Are Out Of Hot Water
all around me are familiar faces
worn out places
worn out faces

bright and early for the morning races
going nowhere
going nowhere
hajimeru no yo
kono wa sensou
dead chat


It was torture listening to all my classmates sing this individually with half of them either off-key, off-beat or pronouncing the words wrong
are you chinese
how'd you guess
I always knew that we'd be by each other's side forever
Now our time has come, and I'd be satisfied if we died together
Yeah, our climate's fucked we might as well enjoy the weather
Our time is up, and I'd be satisfied if we died together
My teas gone cold Im wondering why I got out of bed at all
shawty's like a melody in my head
that I can't keep out got me singin like
nananana everyday
like my ipod's stuck on replay
We are the pirates, who don't do anything
We just stay home any lay around
And if you ask us, if we do anything
We'll just tell you: "We don't do anything."
Drop into low, there's nowhere to go
Your connection's too slow, it got overflowed
Still you didn't know, soon gonna start the show
We feed you a deathblow, it's TERA I/O!

tera i/o
Beasts beasts don't don't have have a a sec sec to to think think but but
We we don't don't pre pre ci ci ate ate our our things things but but

  • Boys Latin by Panda Bear
Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with the tape
The tape of love
The sticky stuff

Flight of the Conchords - Pencils in the Wind
Never too late to embrace
Changes for good
To be what we want to see in the world
To leave our pride behind us
And advance
To sever ties with all that we detest

Allegaeon - Apoptosis
You wear a rose from yesterday
Like the world is green and overgrown
And I wear a handkerchief around my mouth
To keep the dust and ashes out
I dream a glass of water
With you dreaming of the sea
And I watch my feet and you would watch the sky
And we would wonder why our eyes no longer meet
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