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Thank you.
with in a few days i now have 1400

i am on that grind
just passed 6k answers
almost to 3000 answers and 2000 forum posts, so I'm just going to put this here preemptively.
im almost at 666 forum posts

just like the good ol' days when i hit 666 questions and stopped posting them for maybe a month
ill probably do that with forum posts

hail satan
i'm back, this time with 2000 posts exactly.
no longer
are you fuccing kidding me????

i missed 2k posts
I missed 3k, I think.

Yup, I did.
1,500 questions, 500 more to go
PoikiChoi said:
I read that in Darth Vader's voice.
1111 posts
700 questions asked
^ w h a t

3666 answers.
e-bag said:
^ w h a t

I'm old.
i'm never asking a question again
it was 69 before i ruined it btw
that happened once i reached 666 questions posted
I actually paid attention this time and this is my 3k post lets goooo
4009th post.
2001th post
7584th post.
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