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celeste chapter 6 music?
Little Trouble by Better Oblivion Community Center
Sweet home Alabama
The Loki theme.
KOAN Sound - Introvert

Heard this in LittleBigPlanet 3 while trying to complete the story mode for the first time ever. Absolute jam.

Also wtf is wrong with the youtube forum tag
e-bag said:
The Loki theme.

Currently listening to various songs by AJR while in the car because it's the only music of mine my sister likes and she wants it on the car speakers.
super nostalgic. reaches my heart in all the most touching ways.
KOAN Sound - Introvert

Heard this in LittleBigPlanet 3 while trying to complete the story mode for the first time ever. Absolute jam.

Also wtf is wrong with the youtube forum tag

That does kinda slap. I like the drippy sounds.
The levels of joy when someone says they like a song I recommend <3
what's new scooby doo?
Questlords of Inverness, Ride to the Galactic Fortress!
how is "hatsune miku" s'posed to be pronounced?
Definitely 'hot-soon mick-oo'
hot-soon-ay mee-koo
Maple Syrup Tears by Huron John
More power metal: Noble Beast's eponymous debut album.

<3 <3 <3 the lead vocals here, I don't know the name of the kind of singing he's doing but it sounds like opera? : o : o
Instruments are all spot on. I'm going to listen through again later and read the lyrics but the themes afaik are both clean and interesting.
9/10, go listen to this!
i myself have
the nokia arabic ringtone</quote>
I set that as my actual ringtone on my phone (even though I leave it on vibrate 24/7)
quoting just broke, sorry
gws said:
I'm going to listen through again later and read the lyrics but the themes afaik are both clean and interesting.

1) Iron Clad Angels
Ragnarok, basically.

2) Behold The Face of Your Enemy
Righteous retribution, you had it coming.

3) Master of Depravity
Like this one, although it's a bit heavy. Theme is a condemnation of selfishness and hedonism, with the titular Master gloating over a world that has willingly enslaved itself. Yikes.

4) The Dragon Reborn
Did you think this might be a reference to the Wheel of Time books? Because you'd be right.

5) We Burn
Oh noes, the good guys are got oppressed by teh evil empire! Maybe a touch of alt-right dogwhistling. Loving the powerful vocals in the chorus.

6) The Noble Beast
Not to get all theology-seminar up in this, but the message is kind of a mess. They're trying to invoke Judeo-Christian religious themes ("At the end of days, only one question remains - will the angel or the devil pull the strings?") but mixing it all up with self-determination ("Don't search for answers from the divine, for there is no master plan"). Overall message is neutral: only time will tell. The sound is still great but the shine wore off for me.

7) Peeling Back the Veil
A veteran's rebuttal of militarism, I think? Not sure what the point is, here. Let me know what you think.

8) Disintegrating Force
Speed metal! Fast guitars and drums abound, with some metal growling too. Good-triumphing-over-evil, aren't-you-glad-you're-on-the-right-side motif.

9) On Wings of Steel
Your basic epic feel-good proud fight song. Easy to enjoy, especially the vocal harmonies in the chorus. If you only listen to one song from the album, make it this one.

10) Nothing to Repent
Live for what you believe in. Strong humanist and anti-religious message ("Answer not to gods or sermons from the blind, only to the universal good of all mankind").
As with a lot of metal albums, the last track is the longest one and they pull out all the stops. No drum solo, though...

So, definitely still a bop (wait, what's the difference between a bop and a banger?) of an album. Personally I hit more of a speedbump than I expected when it came to looking closely at the lyrics but most of it is fine.
since my video game soundtrack thread is redundant...
This song gave me feelings I didn't know I could have. I've easily listened to 30 times in the past 24 hrs. Hope it gets to 100m views, this deserves it.
gws said:
[lots of stuff about an album]

This inspired me to do this for an album I came across recently, Periphery II: This Time it's Personal by Periphery (who would've guessed lmao)

1. Muramasa
Generic bad things (possibly climate change) are going to happen unless we do something about it.

2. Have a Blast
The djent parts are good at making you question the time signature, which is exactly the kind of rhythm I like :P

3. Facepalm Mute
I really like how the vocals in the first verse had an intense sense of pushing forwards. Shame that they weren't like that throughout the entire song. This song also embodies the album's tendency towards long instrumental sections.

4. Ji
Love the chorus on this one. My dad saw some of the lyrics over my shoulder and was not a big fan of the self-contradictory nature of some of the lines ("'Solid shadows'? That makes no sense!"), but I like it.

5. Scarlet
The drums really stood out to me in this one. Not really sure what it's trying to say with its lyrics, though.

6. Luck as a Constant
The name reminds me of "Love as a Construct" from the Portal 2 soundtrack lol
The intro is really fun to play on Clone Hero, so it's got that going for it

7. Ragnarok
<Adam Neely BASS sound effect goes here>
Also nice chorus

8. The Gods Must Be Crazy!
Confusing tempo changes are the best (once you adjust to the new tempo at least, lol)

9. Make Total Destroy
Not really much to say on this one, fun to listen to though

10. Erised
The song through which I came across this album. Probably one of my favorites, too.

11. Epoch
Nice continuation directly from the previous song, though it equally well as a standalone song.

12. Froggin' Bullfish
A bit too much of dissonance (and not the good kind) during the chorus, not quite as good as the rest of the album (ETA: idk what I was talking about here, the chorus is actually really good, and I also like the triplet time in the intro)

13. Mile Zero
Interesting how it swaps between what I presume to be a drum machine and actual drums throughout the song.

14. Masamune
begins with dedelaydelaylay and ends with lots of 0-----0-0-----0-0-----0-0
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