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i've been drawing ception last night and i don't even have my stylus on hand so it's been on a mouse
new book idea where the beavers are pretending to be other animals and everyday items as to not draw attention while they build their (wooden) secret society but its wooden so i burn it down
im too busy regretting what i did last night to sleep

im joking ive never had any regrets about anything ive done in my life ever so suck it, haters
somehow, i envy you. which game?
I forgot that the internet can be turned off for the night.
somehow, i envy you. which game?

Don't remember, but I think it was an obby.
So, you know how I've been staying up till 1 or 2 each night? Well, that's catching up with me.

I took a nap after my driver's ed class that I had today that started at 8., slept for a few hours, and woke up. I looked at my alarm clock and realized that it was 7:30. So, I got ready to go to my driver's ed class. I had breakfast, got dressed, and got everything ready.

As 8:00 came closer and closer, though, I started to worry that my mom had forgotten that I had driver's ed today. So, at around 7:55, I went up and asked her if we should leave for my class any time soon.

That's when I learned that is was 8:00 at night.
we're closing in on the big 4000 posts...

also happy 1 am!
4:56 am and i kinda wanna sleep because im always sleepy but i know i would regret later in the day when im forced to go out and do stuff but also im dreading having to go through the sleep and then wake up cycle. solution? stay on tcas
i regret anything and everything i post on this website after 11 pm

people in the queue aren't shy to agree with me on that
Sleep schedule out of wack? Want to get back to normal? Well, I have a solution for you! I've done this strategy multiple times, and it's worked for me every time.

WARNING: You should only ever do this when you have nothing important going on. If you have something going on the next day, do NOT do this. It'll screw you over.

ADVISORY: During steps 1 and 2, you may experience Microsleeps, slight lapses in consciousness. This could cause problems for you throughout the day.

Step 1: Stay up all night.

I know that seems like the exact opposite of what you want to do, but you gotta trust me on this. Do everything in your power to stay up all night. Play some games. Listen to songs. Drink caffeinated drinks. If necessary, watch scary videos so you are incapable of sleeping. Just do whatever you have to do.

Step 2: Stay up all day, as well.

This part sucks, a lot. It'll be easier to stay up when it's day because of the light, and other people, but it's even more difficult not to fall asleep due to the total time you've been awake. Something that helps is doing a fun activity in the morning of that day to encourage you to not fall asleep. Also, don't get too comfy anywhere, because if you do, it's much easier to fall asleep. If you do need to sleep, keep your total nap time below 2 hours. I actually recommend taking a nap sometime after lunch.

Step 3: Prepare for nighttime.

About 2 hours before bed, make sure not to drink anything caffeinated, say off your phone, and just relax, while still staying awake. Once you get a bit closer to whatever you want your bedtime to be, do your nightly routine, such as brushing your teeth and putting on nightwear. Doing a nightly routine will make your brain realize it is nearing the time to sleep.

Step 4: Sleep at desired time.

At this point, you should be so tired that you'll just fall asleep whenever you want. So, select a time you want to fall asleep, and then fall asleep around that time. You'll wake up much later in the afternoon the second day, but when it gets later in the night, you'll find it's harder and harder to stay awake much earlier than usual. To amplify results, set an alarm on the second day at a reasonable time to wake up that day to further implant the time to sleep in your mind.

NOTE: Whatever time you chose to go to sleep at the first night, keep falling asleep at that time subsequent nights as well. Otherwise, this will have all been for nothing. Thanks for reminding me of this bit, eriophora.

I don't know if this will work for you guys, but it works for me.
I've definitely used that method before. It is not healthy, but it is effective in the short term. It's important to actually follow up by going to bed at the correct time on subsequent days, though, or else you just end up even more screwed up.
i tried this method once the night before my final ap csp assignment was due and i took like a 5 hour nap after i got back from school. i then proceeded to again stay up until 3 am catching up on all the homework i neglected while i was sleeping

wait what time is it? 12:18. shit.

good night
every time ive ever tried to use this method, i end up falling asleep sometime during the day, and then wake up at around the time i would've gone to sleep. shits fucked
i'd rather be asleep

life is sucky sometimes

if you must know, i got my grades back and i failed on them

better luck next time
It’s 12:06 and I stayed up just to make this post.

We’re also out of melatonin pills and I kind of rely on those to sleep.
do you have trouble falling asleep?
Kind of?

I think it’s mostly because I have a bad habit of being on my computer before going to sleep, which I’m pretty sure what causes me to have trouble. But even on a lot of days when I do give myself ample time away from electronics before I sleep, I get caught up thinking about stuff and forget why I’m laying down. My nonexistent sleep schedule doesn’t help either.

It’s strange though, even during the school year when I manage to get a sleep schedule together, I often wake up and feel very unrested. And because I feel tired anyway I just stay up late.

Melatonin definitely helps and stops me from staying up until 2 A.M.

One way or another though, I always seem to end up here at night.
i stay up until im too tired to keep my eyes open because i dont have the patience to wait for sleep to come to me.

i get bored hella quickly

bad habit all around
Midnight buddies!

please don’t take this out of context.
how would it be taken out of context
The Internet finds a way to make the most innocent things lewd.

I’m just being safe.
hmm midnight buddies seems chaste enough to me
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