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can you say exactly what your therapist said
my therapist told me not to talk to you guys anymore.
i know. you seemed eager to leave but never explained why
when you do go I'll miss you :(. but I do hope your mental health does get better
It's sad to see you go, but I do agree that you need some time off of TC&S for your own mental health. Take all the time you need to heal and come back when you're in a more stable mental state. When you feel better, many of us welcome you back. Get well soon, Titanlord.
And tell your counsellor that you don't trust them because they have a proven record of relaying what you tell them to the people who are mistreating you. Tell everyone that the counsellor is not to be trusted.
Man if I was using a good thing unhealthily, you bet your ass I’d want someone to tell me stop until I can do it healthily. I would not appreciate anyone holding me back by telling me to keep doing it the way I’m doing it.
nobody said that he should keep doing things the way he has been
stripes said:
bug said:
why did you quote something directly before you
because they can

No, not really. Read the rules.
Empty chairs at empty tables...
How do you type uppercase in morse code?
There is no uppercase or lowercase in morse code. It's just the letters.
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and my thoughts fly apart
can this man be believed?
shall his sins be forgiven?
shall his crimes be reprieved?
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